Meatless Monday

It’s ‘Meatless Monday’ every day for me, but even if you aren’t a Vegetarian or Vegan, there’s still wonderful health benefits from removing meat products from your diet one day a week (less cholesterol, less fat, etc…). I thought I’d share some amazing pins from Pinterest just in case you’re looking for new meatless recipes! You can find some FABULOUS meal ideas online. So good, in fact, that you won’t miss meat on Mondays ever again!


blog-breakfast2The Pumpkin Pancake. One of our family’s faves. Super easy to make with no egg or dairy. I use a pancake mix from Trader Joe’s with Almond milk. Instead of egg, I add a cup of pumpkin puree. Fluffy and filling. Comes out DELISH. Even the kids gobble this one up. Great topped with vegan butter and agave syrup. For a side we often add some chopped fruit. Fiber-packed and full of energy!


blog-breakfast3Cold breakfast. Yum. Often times we forget that nature has provided us with plenty of simple meals you can pick right off a tree. There’s no way to go wrong with a fruit salad; just combine the fruits you have (cleaned, chopped or sliced) into a medley, and add whatever toppings or base you want. This can be yogurt, cottage cheese, granola, nuts, etc…or go au naturel and just eat the fruit whole.


blog-lunch2Who doesn’t love burritos? Beans are a fantastic protein source, and there are a ton to choose from. Add a healthy serving of freshly chopped or grilled veggies, rice, and grated cheese (some vegan cheese melt just like the real thing and taste yum) or a vegan sour cream wrapped in a tortilla of your choice and you’ve got yourself a meal!


blog-lunch3Vegetarians and Vegans aren’t rabbits, yet there’s this misconception that like rabbits, we sit around munching on greens all day long. Um, we don’t. But we do need them, and a fun way to get greens into a diet is in a salad. Though I’ve only met ONE vegetarian that didn’t like salads, they stand to be one of my favorite meals because you can put anything and everything in a salad – including fruit! Experiment. Toss nuts, seeds, beans, fruits, or anything else you have in your fridge on top a bed of romaine, arugula or spinach to make a yummy and colorful meal. Play with the dressings too – a sweet dressing can make all the difference with your taste buds!


blog-dinner1Most meat-eaters I know assume that dinner means you MUST have a meat of some sort on the plate to consider it a real meal. Not true. If it’s the protein you’re looking for, there are tons of recipes heavy on protein to satisfy an empty stomach that tastes good. Don’t knock the tofu, people. It’s a versatile food that you can do anything with. But if you’re REALLY stuck on something that resembles chicken or beef, you can try one of my favorite brands for the ‘meat’ on your plate. I love me some Gardein. The food is meat-free, tastes amazing, and I get mine from Target. So easy!


blog-dinner3Use foods in a different way to make them interesting again. If the words ‘Chipotle Quinoa Sweet Potato Tacos with Roasted Cranberry Pomegranate Salsa’ sounds iffy to you, then look at the picture on the left and try NOT to drool. Thanks go to ‘Half Baked Harvest’ for this one. *grabby hands*


blog-dinner2I love eggplant pizzas. They’re one of my favorite foods, seriously. Imagination will take you anywhere with these, but I like to slice the eggplant, dribble some garlic and oil on top, then layer with tomato sauce (or bruschetta), basil leaves and mozzarella cheese, with more olive oil and seasonings sprinkled on top. Bake in the oven till the top is lightly browned crusty…and OMG…NOM.


blog-dessert1I have a sweet-tooth, that’s for sure. There’s nothing quite like warm cake or creamy chocolate, but as a vegetarian, I’m constantly looking for those recipes that don’t need egg or gelatin or anything else questionable for my diet. It took me a while to realize that almost ANY dish can be made vegan. So, now I pin most desserts or treats that look yummy, and tweak them if I need to, for my liking. Here’s a pic of my chocolate covered peanut-butter balls. SO good.


blog-dessert3Dessert can be a little healthy too. If you have kids (or picky adult eaters in the house), then you know how hard it can be to get everyone to eat well. This doesn’t mean you can’t add something healthy into your favorite treats, and desserts are a great way to do this! Throw in some quinoa, zucchini, carrot, veggie puree, etc… and turn that sweet into a healthier treat.

Most of the images above are taken directly from pins others have shared publicly on Pinterest from websites, blogs, and personal kitchens (some are mine). Feel free to click on the images to follow their links to their original source, though obviously I can’t speak for the validity of these sites.

Want more? Check out my Pinterest food boards for a fabulous collection of more recipes and delicious meat-free foods! Keep in mind that ANY food can be made vegan. The market has so many great options now for dairy and meat replacements, your head could spin. Literally.