Tuesday Teaser

We all end up where we’re supposed to be. This is just a break in our story, a pause. The Station only has us on borrow.”

– The Station 4, Coming Soon

Case of the Mondays – Do you have Bitchy Resting Face?

Hi Monday!

I’m about to fuel up the Blueberry and kidnap the kids for a few hours…time to unplug and enjoy some nature. Might be the beach, might be the mountains, might be somewhere in-between. That’s the beauty of living in San Diego. Just need to pick a direction for something fun to do or pretty to see. There will be large bottles of water and copious amounts of Taylor Swift songs blasting through the speakers. And maybe some chocolate. Ha, who am I kidding? Probably some chocolate.

Set your Monday tone right. Enjoy the first day of the week, even if you have to work (I will, eventually), or can’t get out of where you are. If you’re stuck at home, pick up a book. Reading is healing, y’all. Turn off the computer and TV, the cell phone or the ringer on the house phone, and take care of you! Guys, lounge around in your boxers – ladies, don’t bother putting on your bra. Just relax a little. And don’t forget the chocolate.