For the love of James Horner

I was sitting on the bed with the laptop on my legs, writing, when my husband came in and showed me his phone. On it was a picture of James Horner, with the headline, ‘Composer dies in plane crash’. I think it took me a full minute to digest those words before I went online to see if this was true.

We love music in my house. Me, the husband, the children. So, to hear of the sudden passing of one of my favorite composers of all time has devastated me. I was in shock.  And then, with my headphones still playing the music from my current book playlist, on comes “Hymn to the Sea’. I started crying, and haven’t stopped. I saw Titanic eleven times in the theater. And it wasn’t just because of the tragic love story. It was also because of the music. It made me feel the story. And Hymn to the Sea is one of those songs I can never listen to without wanting to bawl my eyes out just thinking about the film. But, now there’s a different reason to sob while listening to this song.

I grew up on James Horner’s music: American Tail, The Land Before Time, A Far Off Place, Cocoon, Aliens, Legends of the Fall, Titanic, Avatar…and so many, many others. Regardless of the project, he knew how to compose a score or soundtrack that you felt down into your very soul. He was only 61, and though he leaves behind a  beautiful musical legacy, my heart hurts for what else he could have given us.

My thoughts are with his loved ones. I can only imagine the sorrow they must feel. Such a sad day for us all. James Horner, you will be missed, but never forgotten.

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