Be Here Tomorrow for the Latest TMDBook Cover Reveal!

Yep, you read that right!

The fourth Station book has a face – DYING to KNOW will be officially revealed tomorrow right here! There’s going be a giveaway for those who comment on and/or share tomorrow’s post, so don’t forget to return Tuesday for the reveal!

Love isn’t meant to be easy, even after you die…

Can’t wait to share the new cover with y’all. Till tomorrow, mwah!

Everything’s okay again…

Like many other WordPress users, I was up late last night trying to figure out WHY my site spontaneously grew random codes in place of the menu headings/tags and seemed to kick my theme settings back to default. Not exactly the best way to spend the early morning hours.

After sleeping for a bit, I woke up to see not much had changed on the site, but there were proposed solutions in the Help forum, which have been executed and saved. All should be back to normal here on the page. Which is fabulous y’all, because there were a LOT of unhappy WP users last night cracking their knuckles and preparing to break the internet in order to get our sites fixed.

IF you see a funky menu tag (numbers followed by a hashtag that don’t seem to have anything to do with the page you are viewing) please send me a message immediately so I can troubleshoot.

Time to get my yoga stretch on. Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

Monday is here – again. As I scramble to get the week figured out, I’m grumbling at how quickly the weekend flew by and how swiftly (and loudly) Monday has landed. Poor Monday, it gets such a bad wrap every single week. Most of us would rather each day be Friday, or Saturday, or Sunday. But usually NOT Monday…ANYTHING but Monday, right?

Here’s the thing though – of course the day will sucketh big hairy balls if we think this way. I mean, Monday is just a day, really. It’s 24 hours long. And it’s not like those hours have more minutes than say, Thursday’s hours. Monday’s hours are 60 minutes long. I know, I’ve checked a few times to make sure Miss Monday wasn’t trying to be sneaky.

How about we just forget that today is ‘MONDAY’ and see it as ‘A DAY’. Make it a motivational one, a productive one, a healthy one, a happy one. Then Monday will most surely be an awesome day.

Monday1*Adorable picture found HERE on Pinterest*