Happy Monday!

Monday is here – again. As I scramble to get the week figured out, I’m grumbling at how quickly the weekend flew by and how swiftly (and loudly) Monday has landed. Poor Monday, it gets such a bad wrap every single week. Most of us would rather each day be Friday, or Saturday, or Sunday. But usually NOT Monday…ANYTHING but Monday, right?

Here’s the thing though – of course the day will sucketh big hairy balls if we think this way. I mean, Monday is just a day, really. It’s 24 hours long. And it’s not like those hours have more minutes than say, Thursday’s hours. Monday’s hours are 60 minutes long. I know, I’ve checked a few times to make sure Miss Monday wasn’t trying to be sneaky.

How about we just forget that today is ‘MONDAY’ and see it as ‘A DAY’. Make it a motivational one, a productive one, a healthy one, a happy one. Then Monday will most surely be an awesome day.

Monday1*Adorable picture found HERE on Pinterest*

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