Check out the new page!

I set up a new page for those looking for TMDBook audio copies! Since I get asked often which books are in audio and which are coming soon, it just seemed to make sense. Hope this is helpful for y’all!

For future and easy reference, the Audiobooks page is listed under the main Menu above, under ‘BOOKS’, but RIGHT HERE is a direct link to the page for those excited to take a peek right this second. Check it out, give it a like or share – whatever you can to help spread the word. *wink*

Special NotE you can’t afford to skip



If you don’t know much about audiobooks (sort of like me before I began my first TMDBook audio production) then you MUST know that if you already have the Kindle version of a TMDBook, and it’s available as an audiobook, then you can get the audio version at a discounted rate as low as $1.99 via the product’s Amazon page! Great deal, huh?

Want an even better deal? Audible will give you a FREE audiobook when you sign up for a 30 Day Free Trial. How awesome is that?!

Happy Listening, y’all!

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