Meatless Monday – Eat the Rainbow!


One easy way to a healthier diet is eating lots and lots of different colors. But, why? Phytochemicals are naturally found in plants and help make the blueberry so blue, the spinach super green, and cherries that deep, dark red. These suckers can help stave off cancers, too. A more colorful diet makes for a more diverse intake of essential vitamins and antioxidants. So, what does this mean? If you want a better balance of all the good things our bodies need – Eat the Rainbow, friends!

Find out how Phytochemicals can help fight cancer, from the American Institute for Cancer Research

I am not a perfect eater. In fact, even though I’m a vegetarian, I still love junk food – like the salty stuff on occasion – and chocolate (it has its own food group in my house, y’all), not to mention pastas and rice. But, I also love my fruits and veggies. And I know they are damn good for me, which is why I eat them daily and drink them often, to give myself that great colorful burst of phytochemical-rich foods.

All the yummy goodness in the picture above went into one of my breakfast smoothies this weekend, as well as a few things not pictured: frozen mango, a whole banana and a small dollop of peanut butter (there was no spinach left in the house – had to resort to my second favorite high protein source), plus some good old H2O. Yes. Yes, it was delicious. So delish that I had to share it.

Happy Meatless Monday, y’all!

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