Meatless Monday – The Blogger List

Regardless of whether you go meat-free only on Mondays or every day of the week, there comes those times when all of us stand in the kitchen staring into the cabinets and the fridge with wide eyes, wondering what to make for the family (or ourselves). I love pinning meals that are already vegetarian and vegan, or can easily be made so, onto my meal boards on Pinterest (check some of them out HERE). But during a recent search to find a few vegetarian or vegan blogs, I stumbled upon a great page with a master list of bloggers that are all about Meatless Mondays. I HAD to share it.

CLICK HERE for An Awesome

Meatless Monday BlogGER List

Cutting back on meat is healthy for everyone, so hopefully you’ll find one of these blogs helpful the next time you need some Meatless Monday ideas! And remember – you don’t need a fancy recipe to make a dish meat-free. Vegetables, fruits, grains, etc…all those yummy sides you fill your plate with have infinite meal possibilities.

Click on the Pinterest images below to link back to their original source for some yummy Meatless Monday meals!

Happy Meatless Monday, Everyone!

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