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Friday Feature Freebie

Happy First Friday of October!

Can you believe that there are only three months left of 2015, including this one? Crazy, isn’t it?! It’s been a long and busy year for TMDBooks – how about yours? If you’re new to this site, hopefully you’ll be interested in today’s Friday Freebie! Read on for more info…

As the bestselling TMDBook, this YA Fantasy hits an emotional chord with readers, and offers up hope in an unlikely and unique way. And it’s free. Like…totally free. With 500+ reviews, 91% of Amazon customers have given this book a 4 or 5 star rating. But don’t take MY word for it – read the reviews for yourself!

Click HERE to travel along with Piper Willow to the Station, a place like none other, where second chances are the substance of the afterlife…

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