December Giveaway, Week 2

December Giveaway Week 2

The second week of December is starting already – can you believe it? Hopefully this month is treating you well so far! If you aren’t familiar with the December Giveaway Rules, please check out THIS POST HERE before you continue…go ahead, I’ll wait… *drums fingers on keyboard…still drumming…* Okay, let’s go!

This week’s game should be interesting! Grab the closest book/ebook to your left (or improvise and grab the first book you come across while hunting around for one) and go to the third full sentence on the third page of the third paragraph. Write it here in a comment, and be sure to quote the book title and author! I can’t wait to see the sentences we get!

Leave your answer below (you’re awesome, but just one comment will do). Before you go, don’t forget to share this post with your bookish friends and family so they can play too!  The winner this week will be randomly selected and named in a post on Friday, so be sure to check back. The prize is a signed print copy of Dying to Forget. Have fun – and good luck y’all!

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15 thoughts on “December Giveaway, Week 2

  1. Shawna says:

    And…. 6 books later, I finally have one that fits the parameters of the search. LOL. Every single one of them had one-sentence paragraphs. How is that a paragraph???

    And for the record, I already have a signed copy of Dying to Forget 😉

    Now, for the game:
    “At last he saw something familiar — some landmark he’d remembered — Godliman Street.”
    Smith, by Leon Garfield.

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    • trishmarie says:

      Hi Jessica!! You’re this week’s winner for the signed copy of Dying to Forget! Yay!! Please send me an email with the address to mail the book to, and the name you want inside! Thanks for participating!!


  2. stephanie aguirre says:

    Disclaimer… 3rd page in ebook…and you asked for a specific part of the book…so…

    “Here in LA, holidaying with us, yet he still burst into that hospital toilet after me to have sex against the cold white wall, my head colliding with the damn hand towel dispenser the whole time.”

    Sexy Hart by Dani Lovell

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  3. grandmatina says:

    Just the thought of the school, the mere mention of its name, brought vivid images to mind, images Jenn knew would haunt her for the rest of her life.

    Stillwater Rising by Steena Holmes

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  4. Anne Marie Regnier says:

    There was a time when it seemed possible for the separate worlds to be united, when Dr. George Howe, esteemed head-master, considered to be the finest in the Hadden School history, decided to marry Annie Jordan, the most beautiful girl in the village.

    “The River King” by Alice Hoffman

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  5. Laura says:

    I scrambled up and jumped onto Wagner’s back before he could pound O’Rourke into a pile of dust,

    AFTER DARK by James Leck a wonderful book I just received from a Goodreads giveaway.


  6. Debi Domby says:

    What he discovered instead was a raised bump closed to the lowest part of his skull, near the area that housed the cerebellum and beyond it, the brain stem.

    Pg 3, 3rd full graph of Shards of Hope, by Nalini Singh

    (had to grab the book, because the ebook I’m reading doesn’t have pages. but, what shows up on the third swish is: Being Kindred didn’t take away the moonlight glow from her.
    Snow Blood: Season 2: A Vampire Mystery Thriller, Carol McKibben (this book is original as it is about a vampire dog and told from the dog’s point of view)

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