December Giveaway, Week 3!

Another December Giveaway starts today! You have two more chances to win a book, so please keep playing! If you aren’t familiar with the December Giveaway Rules, please check out THIS POST HERE before you continue…that way you know the basics. 😀

This week’s game requires some reflection. If you love reading, you most likely have a favorite book – a story that moved you more than any other – that stays with you still. If so, share what book that is, and one thought about why it’s so important to you!


Leave your answer below (you’re awesome, but just one comment will do). Before you go, don’t forget to share this post with your bookish friends and family so they can play too!  The winner this week will be randomly selected and named in a post on Friday, so be sure to check back. The prize is a signed print copy of Dying to Forget. Have fun – and good luck everyone!


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