Wednesday Writing Tips – From the Pros

I love Pinterest. Not only can I find pretty much any vegetarian/vegan meal out there when I have extra squash I don’t know what to do with, or plenty of fodder to fill my Inspiration/Style/DIY/Christmas boards, but I also stumble upon some really great posts that have to do with writing itself. I’m sharing one such gem today.

Thanks must go to Tomi Adeyemi for her post: 7 Kick-Ass Writing Tips from 7 Best Selling YA Authors. Most authors have already heard some of these tips, but not necessarily all in one place. This list is, indeed, ‘Kick-Ass’, especially if you need a literal kick in the ass to get moving on your work.

Obviously, not all advice given works for each of us, but with the resumes the authors in this post have, you can’t really argue with the fact that they’ve done something right. *wink*


Discovered on Pinterest. Read on

So, which tip was your favorite? I definitely need to work on #5. Perhaps that will go at the top of my Writing Resolutions List for 2016. Have some awesome writing tips/advice? Feel free to share them below.

If you enjoyed Tomi Adeyemi’s post, follow her blog HERE. We can virtually stalk her website together. And don’t forget to check my boards out if you love Pinterest, too!

Happy Wednesday, y’all! May this week be kind and relaxing for you, unless you have to murder someone (you know, on paper).

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