Motivational Monday

December MM6

4 thoughts on “Motivational Monday

  1. ellenbest24 says:

    Yes I found who I am, I came back to myself and learned once again that life is good. Now I am able to be just me. To regain my sanity I needed to discard a lot of negativity and unnecessary baggage which was a job well done. Every day I’m grateful for everything.
    Happy New year.

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  2. Jane says:

    No matter who you are if you have ever been/are married to your partner for over 2 decades you do lose a part of your identity as a person but after being married for 25 years and going through a very ugly divorce I realize now that I really did lose me and only now am I resurfacing to the person I once was all those years ago. You really do have to lose all that emotional baggage that’s been dragging you down and realize that if your not able to love yourself as a whole then don’t expect anybody else to love you in the way you want them too. I feel like I have been given another chance and despite the chronic pain I go through due to disabilities beyond my control then when I wake up each morning to a brand new dawn its only then I realize how grateful I am to be able to see another sunrise when so many others have been denied that so the way I look at it is its a bonus each day I wake up because tbh I’m awfully impressed that I am still living. 😉

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