Dreams after you’ve died…


First kisses can never be repeated. The butterfly sensation in your stomach, the happy panic that teases your nerve endings, the wonder about what the taste and feel of the other person’s lips on yours will be like; none of it can be reproduced a second time. But kisses that reunite lovers are almost as good. There’s a promise in those kinds of kisses, a promise that the kiss is only the beginning, and that more will follow. Unlike the first kiss, there’s no doubt or fear, just love. And a promise of more to come.      – Piper Willow, Dying to Return

Dying to Forget, the first book of The Station series, is totally free. You can start it today by finding your preferred retailer HERE. You can also click directly on some of the links below. Piper Willow is hoping to meet you soon!


For those who love books but might not have the time to read as often as they’d like, Dying to Forget is also available in audio form via Audible. Though not completely free, the price is lower for those who already have the ebook (which IS free). Such a great way to listen and save money in the process!


*Suitable for mature teens and older, however, parents of younger teens are encouraged to read these titles before their children do in order to discuss some of the heavier subject matter.

Please don’t miss the last December Giveaway! You can win the entire Station series book, signed and delivered, for free!

Check out the Giveaway details here.

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