10 Reasons Why I Must Adult Today

Adulting. The struggle is real with me this week. So instead of fantasizing about why I’d rather stay in bed all day, I decided to make a little list of the things that require my grown up attention before lunch hits in order to motivate my myself a bit. (go ahead and laugh, I did while writing that last sentence)

#1 I had to pee.

#2 Even though it’s cold in the house, staying under the covers was making me sweat. I don’t usually like sweating in bed. Keep your mind out of the gutter, that’s not what I’m referring to.

#3 The cat would not stop yeowing at the hallway door. Seriously, it was like he was in the throes of death and a human had to open the door to let him cross the threshold into the next room or he would continue to sing the song of his people till the entire household went deaf.

#4 The boy was too quiet. The kind of quiet that makes you wonder if he snuck into the kitchen to eat the cocoa powder directly from the tin, or that he was possibly trying to plug his finger into an electric outlet to see if his hand would glow.

#5 Someone had to properly measure the homemade dog food and feed the animals before they began to eat things like shoes and dirty socks.

#6 The house was so cold that someone had to get up and turn on the heater. It wasn’t me, the husband did it, but at least I had the thought.

#7 I forgot to get yesterday’s sheets out of the washer and hang them to dry. Damn.

#8 My mouth began to salivate the longer I thought about coffee.

#9 Yesterday’s Cardio Burn Yoga made every muscle feel as if it had been punched into submission, therefor, a mellow round of yoga stretching was required today just in order to warm my body up enough to walk properly.

#10 The next book will not write itself. So I’ll check my email, FB and Pinterest pages about 100 times. Writing will happen. I promise. Otherwise I won’t be able to pop online and use the hashtag: #amwriting with a straight face.

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