Have You Read Mallory’s Story?

Pins and needles. A dull-aching sensation in my bones. The shattering pang that shoots through my head between my temples. Numbness that takes over my limbs as I drift. Then the darkness. It’s the worst of the worst part – being blind. Normally, discomfort would have me crossing my arms, fidgeting, chewing the inside of my mouth, pacing…but I can’t do that now.

I’m in someone’s mind.

When I arrive in a charge during darkness, I panic. There’s always a terrifying moment of dread that I’m too late, that the person took their life just as I came into theirs. Usually being blind from my side means the charge is merely asleep, but sometimes it means they are lost deep in thought, in a time of meditation, where having their eyes open is not necessary. I can tell from the emotions coming from my charge that she, and it is a girl, is not asleep. She’s not meditating.

She’s in pain.

There is a shift inside the girl, like a breaking point that she passes over, and immediately I want to cry for her, because I know it is a place she can’t go back to. Such hurt. So much sorrow and confusion. I feel it wash over me like waves in the ocean, coming and coming and trying to drown me.

And then there is a voice. A voice I’ll never forget.

“Thanks, baby.”

I repeat the boy’s words over and over. Thanks, baby. Thanks, baby. Thanks, baby. And I know what he’s done. What he did to my charge. What he took from her without permission. He’s opened up a hole, slashed through her soul, really. And I’m there to feel it happen. I recognize it because I’ve been trapped in the same hell she’s in right now. I’m crying, I know I am…and for a moment I’m lost in my own memories of when my body was first taken advantage of. But before I get sucked in completely, I remember why I’m here.

Ssshhh. It’s okay. I’m here. You aren’t alone.


Mallory, A Station Series Novelette

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