Have You Read Mallory’s Story?

Pins and needles. A dull-aching sensation in my bones. The shattering pang that shoots through my head between my temples. Numbness that takes over my limbs as I drift. Then the darkness. It’s the worst of the worst part – being blind. Normally, discomfort would have me crossing my arms, fidgeting, chewing the inside of my mouth, pacing…but I can’t do that now.

I’m in someone’s mind.

When I arrive in a charge during darkness, I panic. There’s always a terrifying moment of dread that I’m too late, that the person took their life just as I came into theirs. Usually being blind from my side means the charge is merely asleep, but sometimes it means they are lost deep in thought, in a time of meditation, where having their eyes open is not necessary. I can tell from the emotions coming from my charge that she, and it is a girl, is not asleep. She’s not meditating.

She’s in pain.

There is a shift inside the girl, like a breaking point that she passes over, and immediately I want to cry for her, because I know it is a place she can’t go back to. Such hurt. So much sorrow and confusion. I feel it wash over me like waves in the ocean, coming and coming and trying to drown me.

And then there is a voice. A voice I’ll never forget.

“Thanks, baby.”

I repeat the boy’s words over and over. Thanks, baby. Thanks, baby. Thanks, baby. And I know what he’s done. What he did to my charge. What he took from her without permission. He’s opened up a hole, slashed through her soul, really. And I’m there to feel it happen. I recognize it because I’ve been trapped in the same hell she’s in right now. I’m crying, I know I am…and for a moment I’m lost in my own memories of when my body was first taken advantage of. But before I get sucked in completely, I remember why I’m here.

Ssshhh. It’s okay. I’m here. You aren’t alone.


Mallory, A Station Series Novelette

If you haven’t read MALLORY yet, the story is only $0.99 on Amazon!



If you already read MALLORY, I’d love to know what you think – please consider leaving your honest review on the Amazon product page.

Thank you!



2 thoughts on “Have You Read Mallory’s Story?

  1. DEBI says:

    I couldn’t believe when I came across this book in Kindle Scout… You’re not writing under an assume name are you. I think the author read your station books and decided to copy it… https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/3FISRR65ACBEC


    Suicide Station kindlescout.amazon.com The world of stand up comedy was too much for Foster Donovan. Leaving a note behind for his wife, he wrapped a noose around his neck, and changed his life by embracing death.Turns out, the after life was nothing like he’d expected. Those who’ve taken their own lives find themselves temporary residents of Suicide Station, where they receive counseling, friendship, and (for Foster) the prospect of love.Suicide Station is a paranormal romance with a twist even the Grim Reaper wouldn’t see coming.



    • trishmarie says:

      Well shit. I read the excerpt, and though the writing style and content is very different, the ‘story’ itself sounds hauntingly familiar. I think I’ll need to read these books and then decide what, if anything, I should do. It is quite possible, I suppose, that this author woke up from such a similar dream as the one I had, and wrote a story very similar to the one I did. That would be amazingly coincidental, wouldn’t it? Do you mind if I ask how you came across this title? Was it being advertised, or did you just stumble upon it in Kindle Scout? Thanks so much for the notification. Have a great week!


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