Don’t follow me, I brake often

I kind of feel like many writers have lost the desire to write original works of art (from books to television to movies). Like it’s no longer important to write something new, but follow instead the trail of what’s popular to the masses, and copy the shit out of what they see along the way in order to possibly get their own chunk of gold. This depresses me and saddens me. And frankly, pisses me off. As a reader, I want a book to move me in a way no other has. As an author, I want that as well. I want my books to be different, even if they are in the same genre as a million others. I’ll keep trying to do that, because that’s what writing is for me. Stopping to step off the most-traveled path is what makes writing exciting in my world. I don’t want to lose the thrill of stumbling upon something new, something fresh. So for those who simply follow the leader for the sake of making a little money off what’s already been done, don’t follow me, I brake often.