May Monday Motivation


Seems easy enough, right? But we are all well versed in the famous, ‘Easier said than done’, phrase. So if you like lists, jot down not only a few things to do today that you need to do but also that you want to do. Don’t like lists – simply visualize how you want your day to go – and imagine NOW that you make it happen. Monday doesn’t have to suck, it can set up a pretty awesome week. So, Happy Monday to all! Let’s rock today!

2 thoughts on “May Monday Motivation

  1. Alexandrina Brant says:

    Thanks, Trish. This motivation is something I need for today – I finished my uni degree on Friday. Sounds like I’ll be raring to write, right? Actually, I find myself already procrastinating over editing my novels, despite the free time I have. Got to get my Monday hat on and show Sunday that it was just one day 😛


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