Books don’t have to be read to be enjoyed! If you’re one of the many that like listening to your stories, or simply want to bring along your favorite TMDBook on a roadtrip or listen while commuting to work, check out the TMDBooks available in audio below.

But first, if you have the Kindle version of these titles, your Audible version is discounted – some titles as low as $1.99 – for an audiobook! First time on Audible? Follow one of the Audible links below to find out how you can get an audiobook for FREE.

Don’t see your favorite title? Some are awaiting the perfect narrator or are currently in production. Keep an eye on this page for audiobooks as they become available.

Happy Listening!

The Find Me Series


Meet the Narrator


  • Erin Spencer has narrated over 60 audiobooks.  She is an LA based actress who has appeared on True Detective, Code Black, CSI and many more tv shows, national commercials and films.  She started her career as a professional dancer touring Chicago, the musical.  When Erin isn’t doing an audiobook or running around town to auditions, she loves to dance, take her dog, Derby, to the beach and sit outside and drink wine.

The Station Series


Meet the Narrators

  • In elementary school, Kimberly’s classmates told her they always elected her to student office because they loved her voice. Now she’s using that voice in TV/radio commercials, animation, video games and audiobooks. Based in Los Angeles, Kimberly is trained in theatre, TV and film. She loves delving into characters and has studied with some of the top VO and acting coaches in the industry.
  • Stephanie Bentley is a voiceover artist and actor living in Los Angeles. In addition to narrating audiobooks, she performs improv, musical improv and sketch comedy and is the co-host of two comedy shows at The Clubhouse Theater in Hollywood.
  • Julia Farmer is a narrator and voice over artist in Chicago, IL, with a love for RPG video games and detective/espionage stories.  Beyond her narration work, you can hear her as the voice of Sarita in Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Season 2 video game.



The Station Series Novelettes


Meet the Narrators

  • Richard Wilson first stepped in front of a microphone 38 years ago and has been communicating with audio ever since. At heart he is a storyteller. He works to bring the excitement, suspense, despair, and love in a story to life. His hope is that his narrations help you great images in your mind greater than anything possible on a movie screen.
  • Kadee Coppinger is an Actress, Writer, Singer/Songwriter, and Voiceover Artist who claims Virginia as “back home”. She’s had her eye on audiobook narration since the 7th grade. Kadee‘s hobbies include writing, nature and hiking, especially when the weather feels like magic drifting on the air and flows with inspiration.  She loves schnauzers, soft gentle kitties, and a well-made plate of onion rings.  You can find other narrations by her, or works she’s written or performed, under Kristina “Kadee” Driscoll.



4 thoughts on “Audiobooks

  1. Jennifer Franklin says:

    I love the Find Me series! Really want to listen to Finding Hope. When might the 3rd book be released on Audible? I’m a busy gal and gotta have my audiobooks! So happy I found your books. Love them. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Jennifer Franklin says:

        Did you decide not make any more audiobooks in the Find Me series? It’s been a year since I last harassed you about that. Times up, LOL! Please make more audiobooks.


      • trishmarie says:

        Hi Jennifer! The plan was to have them ALL done by the end of last year, but the narrator I hired was unable to complete the project due to other obligations. It was a bummer, and I don’t want to hire just anyone to narrate and produce, so it will be another project to add to this year’s ‘To Do’ list. Thanks for being patient!


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