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  • GURLS, a YA novel

24 thoughts on “Coming Soon

      • trishmarie says:

        Hi Rachael! Thanks for reading – so happy you enjoy the books! All of the Station print books are getting new covers (to match the newer ebook covers) so Dying to Return hasn’t been released yet. It will hopefully be done soon! I’ll definitely post about it here on the site when that happens. πŸ˜€ Have a great week!


  1. Paige says:

    Just wanted to say, I’ve read your three books over the past three days! They were awesome! Can’t wait for book four and see what happens next. And I’m really hoping Riley keeps going, finally a female character that I actually like, and whose not portrayed poorly! Thanks for writing them, and I really hope book 4 isn’t too long a wait ☺️

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    • trishmarie says:

      Thanks for reading, Paige! Happy to hear you enjoyed them! Hopefully I can start working on the fourth Find Me book this year and get it out quicker than #3. lol Riley sure went through a lot in this last book, didn’t she? Poor thing. But #4 should be exciting. πŸ™‚


  2. Kimberly Rigby says:

    Is the excerpt at the end of book 3 of the Find Me Series actually what you plan for the 4th book? Please say it isn’t! I would be sorely disappointed if Connor dies, most of the others get sick from a second round of the plague, and Riley is possibly carrying a dead baby. When I read it all it did was make me mad! I would rather make up my own story. My gosh, isn’t it time for something good to happen? Some actual happiness? If that excerpt is what is actually going to happen, I don’t think I will read it.

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    • trishmarie says:

      Hi Kimberly! It’s definitely time for a break for Riley and her crew. The story isn’t over, but it would ruin it for you completely if I said anymore. β™‘ Thank you for reading! I do hope you will check out the 4th book when it is ready…you’ll most likely be surprised. πŸ˜‰


  3. Laura says:

    I have read the first 2 books in the Find Me Series 3 times and jiust finished the third. Great books. Do you have a release date for the next installment yet? I can’t wait to read it.

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  4. Lisa Turner says:

    I just finished all 3 books in “The Find Me ” series this weekend. I couldn’t put them down. I will be keeping a look out for the 4th. I can’t wait, please hurry.


  5. Nicola Harris says:

    I absolutely loved the Find Me series, I’ve read all three books twice! Have you a release date for Book 4 yet? I’m anxious to know what happens to Riley & if she is finally reunited with her friends!

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    • trishmarie says:

      Hi Nicola! Thank you for reading! I’m still working on #4, and don’t yet have a release date but I will for sure post about it here! Have a great weekend, and thanks for the note!


      • Nicola Harris says:

        Thanks so much for your reply Trish, I’m so looking forward to the next instalment of the series! Good luck with it, I’m sure it’ll be as awesome & epic as the previous books x

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