The Last December Giveaway Has Been Extended!

If your week has been anything like mine, you’ve been busy and will continue to be all through the weekend. Because of this, the last December Giveaway has been extended another week. Please tell your friends and family to stop on by and participate before the 31st!

May the rest of this week be a fun and kind one for you…Happy Holidays from our home to yours!


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December Giveaway, Week 4

What will the 4th December Giveaway winner be getting this week?

How about all THREE of The Station books!

Signed. Sealed. Delivered. They’re yours.

Read on for more info about this week’s special Giveaway…

Friends – this is it – the fourth and final December Giveaway for 2015. O.O Hopefully you’ve had fun stopping by each week this month to leave a comment under the Giveaway posts or read the ones left by other bookish friends. This week is different – and not just because of what’s up for grabs (signed print copies of The Station books 1-3). But first, PLEASE go to this post: FOUR FRIDAYS. FOUR WINNERS. FOR REAL. if you haven’t yet, to read the basic giveaway rules (please don’t leave your answer or comments there, or they may be missed) and then return to this post!

And now, it’s GIVEAWAY time! ‘Like’ this post and tell us why you should be this week’s winner! A winner will be randomly chosen and posted here on the blog this Saturday, December 26th, December 31st, as well as on the TMDBooks Facebook page! Don’t forget to return this weekend to see who the lucky winner of The Station book trilogy is!

Happy Holidays, y’all, thanks for being here today, and have a wonderful week!


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Four Fridays. Four Winners. For Real.

December is SO close…like…right THERE. Literally tomorrow. We can smell it, taste it, feel it. Actually, that might just be me because I had peppermint in my coffee this am and stepped on an ornament hook. That’s usually how my Monday’s roll. Anyway, totally not the point of this post.

Who wants FREE stuff??

You, right? Of course!

Every Friday of December is going to be a Giveaway day. This month, on Mondays (starting today), I’ll throw up something fun for y’all that won’t take much time or effort, only a post like/comment, and on Fridays a random winner* will be chosen to receive a signed print copy of the newly designed ‘Dying to Forget’! And if I can get the print orders of the other two books in before the giveaways start, there might be more than one book as a prize. Awesomesauce, right?


Win a Signed Copy of Dying to Forget!

This is totally free – book and shipping totally on me – and should be totally fun. Are you in? Scroll on…

Rules are simple.

Please leave a comment under every Monday Giveaway post, and share the posts on Facebook, Twitter, email, whatever, for your friends to play too. Participants have ALL week to leave their comments (one comment per person, please), so I’ll be sharing the posts a few times from Monday – Thursday on my social media outlets. *Shipments can only be sent to the US, Canada and the UK.

Please return to the blog on Fridays by noon PST (I’m in California, y’all) to see who the winner for the current week is, because if YOU win, then I’ll need to know how to contact you for the address to send your prize. If by chance, a blizzard knocks out your internet, or you had to make ten dozen cookies for your kiddo’s school holiday bake sale, I get missing an announcement post on Fridays. But be sure to take a peek ASAP or a runner up may be chosen. If you don’t win right away, don’t freak out (too much), because there are four Fridays in December, so that’s four chances. Yay! Please don’t post your personal information in a comment because they are public and I don’t want any stalkers showing up at your door. Safety, y’all. Sidenote: because it wouldn’t be fair otherwise, you can only win once, but you can  (and hopefully will) still play, comment and share every Friday. Sidenote #2: the last Friday of December is Christmas. A winner announcement post will still be put up on the blog (most likely scheduled from the day before) but I will not be hovering over the keyboard on Christmas Day, nor do I expect you to be either. Check in that Saturday or Sunday to see who the final lucky winner is.

That’s it – like I said, easy! If you already have print copies of The Station series, they are most likely not the new ones, so please still play. If you aren’t that interested in YA Fantasy, surely there is a YA person in your life, and books make fabulous presents, so you can still play too. *hint, hint*

Bloggers: if you would like to participate in December’s weekly Giveaway posts by sharing them via link on your own site, please send me a private message and we can work something out. *big goofy grin*

The first post is going up live in just a few minutes, so be sure to check it out and leave your comment! Good luck, everyone, and thank you for reading! XOXOXO

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Tuesday Teaser Humor from Dying to Forget


The end is only the beginning for Piper Willow. Start her story today with the first book of The Station Series, for free!



My First BookTube Interview

So, I’m relatively new to the term ‘BookTube’ and up till about two weeks ago, I hadn’t even heard of it. If you don’t know what it is either, I assure you – it’s not complicated – it’s YouTube’s name for the bookish who blog about their current reading material, and what’s scheduled to come. Some even do interviews with authors and other readers. Book Nerd Paradise is one such spot for YA Fantasy, and they reached out to me earlier this Fall to come on their YouTube channel and talk about Dying to Forget. How could I say no?! Take a peek when you have time (there’s a signed print book giveaway involved for those who view and leave a comment) and please don’t forget to give the video a ‘like’!


2015-11-16 13.15.41

Thank you for having me on, Book Nerd Paradise! And *clears throat* just a teensy little disclaimer for the viewers: this is my first YouTube interview (my first video interview, in fact), and I have some learning to do about lighting and camera quality and posture so that I don’t look as puffy as a marshmallow! In my darkish living room, in front of my laptop camera, I’ve got quite the implied squishy double-chin thing going on that is not flattering in the least. lol But, all joking aside, please let me know if you’d like to see more of this kind of thing on YouTube, or here on the site. Definitely take a peek at some of the other authors featured on the Book Nerd Paradise channel, and give BNP a subscription and/or follow online for more YA Fantasy interviews!

Happy Monday, y’all!

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