Saturday Snippet – Hutch & A’ris!

A’ris woke before dawn, having slept less than an hour. The sounds of shouting from the room below echoed up the stairs and she sprang to her feet in alarm. Unable to make out what was being said, she shoved herself into her clothes, grabbed the dead assassin’s gun and searched for her tote. Once it was secured around her neck, she crept into the hall and moved along the wall planks to the edge of the stairs in her bare feet.

A man’s voice rose above two others. The Monk and Yacob were downstairs as well. “If ya refuse to hand her over, with all the belongings she came here with, what’s left of this town will be brought to the ground. D’ya understand this?” the stranger hissed.

“You won’t find anyone in Calypso willing to carry that order out. Do you understand this?” It was the Monk, speaking in harsh response, his young voice strained and cracked with emotion.

“Aye, so be it. But they will come for the Sprite. They already be coming for her as we speak.”


– Copyright Trish Marie Dawson, The Dry Lands (Hutch & A’ris)

Saturday Snippet

From Hutch & A’ris

A bang on the door startled her upright, and she splashed water onto the woven rug on the ground where her new shoes waited. “What? What is it?” she asked, reaching for the towel that hung from a hook on the wall.

“Damn. I thought you might have drowned in there, guess not,” Hutch said through the thin wooden door. “Look, if you want to sleep in the wash basin, that’s totally fine with me. I’ll take the bed, but first I need to bathe. So get out.”

Earlier A’ris had exchanged one of her rings for coins to buy a room for the night. Though she loathed the thought of pretending to be tied to Hutch, she claimed him as her husband so as not to arouse suspicion. That meant one room. One tub. One bed.

“No amount of scrubbing will do you any service,” she muttered under her breath as she climbed out of the bath. The water made a sucking sound as it twirled in a funnel down the drain. What started as a milky white colored bath had turned into the sepia tone of desert clay. “Disgusting,” she said.

“What? What did you call me?” Hutch pounded on the door again.

“I wasn’t talking to you!”

He said something behind the door that she didn’t understand, and had just wrapped the towel around her when the door opened.

She screamed, and clutched the thin and worn fabric to her chest. “Get out!”

“No,” he said, as he leaned against the open doorframe.

Again, she screamed at him to leave, but he just shook his head and continued to fill up the only exit with his frame.

“How do you suppose I clear this space if you’re blocking me from leaving it?”

“You keep hollering at me, the neighbors will start to wonder about our little marriage. You know, problems in paradise.”

“Are you still upset about that? I told you it was for our best interests. If we arrived together and slept in separate rooms, it would draw all that extra attention we’re both rather keen to avoid.”

“I think you just want to see me with my shirt off,” he said with a wink.

A’ris scoffed, and clutched the towel tighter. “I assure you, that is not the case. Now move.” She pushed him aside, ignoring his laughing, and as he turned the water on for his own bath, she called over her shoulder, “Besides, I’ve seen what you have to offer, and it’s not that impressive.”

The door slammed shut and nothing was heard from that point forward but the sounds of water sloshing around in the tub. If Hutch wanted to tease her and offend her at every opportunity, A’ris was a big girl. She could play that game.

And win,” she whispered into the small room.

– Copyright Trish Marie Dawson


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Here’s a little ‘Dying to Return’ for Snippet Saturday!

The sky twinkles like stardust and for a brief moment I expect fairies to fly down from above and dance on the tip of my nose. As I blink, the ‘stardust’ becomes less blurry and takes the shape of hundreds of tiny lights strung together in no particular order and I realize I’m looking up at the underside of a garden terrace. Perhaps I wasn’t too far off with the fairies.

“Closer than you think, actually,” Rush says at my side.

I jerk upright too fast and sway slightly. He rights me by placing one of his large hands on my shoulder.

“Rush? Was I…did I faint?” I’m mortified.

“No, you slept. Fainting implies a brief lapse in consciousness. You’ve been out for hours. Four, I think.” He smiles down at me as I gape in shock.

“Four hours?” Not possible. How did I pass out for four freaking hours?

Your body needed the rest. Now take a deep breath – regulate your senses.

My guard is down, isn’t it?

Yes, but only for a few moments. Once you awaken fully and remember your session, you will be free to block me out of your mind once again.

I smile weakly at him. Sarcasm. He’s chosen to be sarcastic at this moment.

What else have I?

With his question, I remember it all.

– Copyright Trish Marie Dawson, Dying to Return, Book 3 of The Station Series


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Snippet Saturday – A’ris

As she remembered the meeting, A’ris kicked at a pebble while she walked calmly along the peristyle court inside the enclosed atrium, breathing in the deep scent of cedar and eucalyptus that lined the pathways. In the center where the two paths met at a cross was a fountain overflowing with pure, clean water; an amenity not found on the other side of the curtain walls.

Her mind wandered back to the old woman in the hut, and how the nagging questions inside her began, she twisted her hands behind her back, and chewed on the inside of her cheek. Three days after being given the strange message, she was stopped in that very atrium by a young child. So young she was, and wearing attire grubbier than the soles of her bare feet, A’ris knew she was not a child of the noble servants. She had managed to sneak in from the outside; a point alone that made her instantly the most fascinating creature in the entire castle grounds. Even animals were kept from the green grass and many trees of the garden to prevent destruction of the rare foliage. Yet, there she stood – an outsider. She said nothing, just handed A’ris a small package wrapped in brown paper and skittered off.

The movement started that very day.

– Copyright Trish Marie Dawson


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Snippet Saturday – Dying to Return

When the first sun rays of the day hit my open room, I think I’ve decided what to do. It’s the right thing, no matter what Rush feels, or I feel. When I was living on Earth, I made a series of choices that were the wrong ones. Now, as I roll over in bed and stare at the lace pattern of sunlight on the wall as it filters in through the curtains, I know I’m ready to make the tough decisions; the right ones.

It’s time for me to grow up.

– Copyright Trish Marie Dawson