Hutch and A’ris


Boho Woman Walks In The Garden, Outdoors. Enjoying Nature Relax

Yes, you are seeing this correctly. The Dry Lands has a whole new look, thanks to Elizabeth Mackey Graphic Design.

5 Stars – Different than her other books…..and I like it!

This is a whole new direction for Trish, and it really works. I have read all of her other books and think they’re great. Each series has it’s own setting and characters, and she has now added yet another. Something completely different, but still the characters and plot draw you into the story. At the end of the book, I felt just the same way as at the end of her others. I want more! I can’t wait for the next story in this series.

– Amazon Review The Dry Lands, LorriJo


5 Star – Hutch and A’ris kick butt.

I love the new series that Trish Marie Dawson has come up with now, if you like her work you will love this!
The Dry Lands is mysterious and has this hidden quality that leaves you at the very end ready for more. In a genre of its own, because it mixes with a few to make it even more unique. It is extremely exciting and yet has a supernatural Zing. Like a modern princess Leia meets Hans Solo.

– Amazon Review The Dry Lands, Lindsay


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