The Hunt for the right Voice Continues…

Today I uploaded the details for my Station novelettes to ACX – which means hopefully some time soon they will find the perfect narrator and be available for listening via Audible and Amazon. This is exciting – but it’s three new and totally different projects, with different voices needed – and I’m only one person. lol

The other audiobook project will be finding the new voice of Piper Willow for book 2, Dying to Remember. Another time consuming, yet worth it task!

In other words, I’ll be busy listing to audio samples and narrations for, like…ever. Just kidding. I’m stoked. Means it’s another way to share the stories, and that can’t go wrong!

Wish me Happy Narrator Hunting, will ya?

NEW Audiobook for the Station Fans!

It’s LIVE!

Dying to Forget has hit Audible and ACX!

You can listen to the sample for free, or if you’re new to Audible, you can sign up then download this audiobook for free. How cool is that??

beautiful blonde in a hat. hipster style

Please check it out and share with your friends!

Stop by AUDIBLE.COME for more info!!

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