Thursday Teaser – No Rules. No Winners. Just Survivors.

Life,” I muttered to myself, “I’ve had enough surprises from you lately. Let’s just play it safe for a while. Maybe keep things mellow for a bit, okay?”

But life had its own game to play. No rules. No winners. Just survivors.

– Riley, Finding Hope, Releasing Soon

Tuesday Teaser

With my knife safely sheathed to my hip, I spit out the iron taste of my former lover’s blood and smoothed my hair back again.

Life was a cruel bitch.

– Riley, Finding Hope – Coming Soon

Thursday Teaser – Finding Hope

Zoey huffed and collapsed at my heels, seemingly just as bored as the rest of us were while Ryder spent another ten minutes rambling on. Behind me, Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00075]Kris giggled at something Jacks said and I put my hand up with a sharp nod, interrupting Ryder as he spoke about the irrigation system and how the grid was powered by their wind farm and generator systems. I didn’t care how the lights were kept on. As long as they worked.

“I think some of us are anxious to settle in. Maybe we could finish up the tour in a few hours?” I asked.

Ryder’s cheeks flushed a rouge color that contrasted comically with his pale complexion. “Sure,” he stammered. In a rush to get to the door, he tripped over his feet, twice. “Let’s go meet the Leaders, and then I’ll see you each to your living quarters.”

– FINDING HOPE, Coming Soon!