Hair, After the Apocalypse…

Y’all probably know by now that my inner hippie might sneak its way into the Find Me series every so often. Case in point – let’s take the main star – the ultra-lovely, girl-next-door, anti-heroine, Riley. She doesn’t wake up every day post-pandemic and do up her locks. Because, let’s face it – when The End of the World happens, the last thing a girl is probably concerned about, is her hair style.

But if you have long hair you still have to do something with it or you’ll get so frustrated, you’ll shave it all off, no? In my books, I often times have Riley blowing back loose hairs that escaped her braid, er, plait…or have her twist up her longish waves into a messy bun and call it a day. Only once has she actually cared what her hair looked like. It was a freak occurrence. I promise it won’t happen often.

main.original.585x0 (2)But anyway – I digress. Today, while browsing the web, I stumbled upon a little post about the beauty secrets of French hair.

Who knew that women all over France have been doing the same as Riley…on purpose? What the heck am I talking about? Read this article over on the newly discovered (for me) site, BYRDIE. I read it, loved it, and absolutely had to share it, because it’s SO true. Us women, sometimes myself included, seem to think that our hair is only glorious after it’s been cleaned till it squeaks, then dried till it breaks, and then covered in products and curled or straightened. Um, take a lesson en Francais, and go au naturel.

I was rather excited to read this article and discover that 98.999% of the time, I do as the French do, when hair is concerned. And I love it! *flips last night’s slept on wet hairmain.original.585x0 (1)*

It’s totally okay to be yourself, unprocessed hair included, and you don’t have to resort to this way of thinking after a global apocalypse. Me thinks that Riley isn’t suffering nearly as much as I’d thought. *wink*

(FYI, the images in this post link back to their original source via BYRDIE)