Wednesday Writing Tip

Ever get stuck on your current WIP and need help moving the plot forward? How about naming a new character with something unique that flows off the tongue nicely? Or what about how you plan on torturing your bad guy so that readers love to hate him/her? You need a writing buddy. Well, you don’t ‘need’ one, but they don’t hurt. I’m not saying go out there and befriend all the writers you can – though that surely won’t hurt you – but if you click with even just ONE writing buddy, it’s awesome to have that person to bounce ideas around with.

I have several writer friends who I could contact and ask ridiculous questions that I know only they can relate to, and it saves me from having to stress all on my own. Sometimes just having another person act as your sounding board helps you figure out what you need so you can move on. A lot of writers, especially Indie Authors such as myself, can be true introverts. Making friends online is easier than making friends in person. So reach out to a writer friend you relate to and do some bonding. When you join each other online for a chat with your coffee mug in one hand and the computer mouse in the other, surely only goodness can come out of it. Make a writer friend today. I double-dog dare ya.


Happy Bonding!