It’s been one of those really long weeks that never seems to end. To top it off, I’ve gone through most the week on limited sleep (and yeah, even tho it was post-Easter, limited chocolate, too!), but it’s finally here: Friday.

Hopefully you get to have the weekend off, or perhaps enjoy payday today, but if not, eat a piece of chocolate or drink a glass (maybe two) for me, because I’m in the same boat. No rest for this writer until FM3 is totally polished and cleaned up for Amazon and B&N.

HAPPY FRIDAYIf you didn’t read it on my FB author page yet – I’ve good news to share! NOOK has approved my account for pre-orders, which means you’ll be able to put your name on a copy of Finding Hope very soon, whether you have a Kindle OR a Nook! I hope this makes some of you happy! I’m also working on various other things – none of which will allow proper sleep before summer arrives.

I have to admit that I’m looking forward to April 28th to hurry up and get here already, so I can take a break writing and do some heavy reading. My TBR list is more like an entire library at this point.

So…happy Friday to you and yours! If you can, get some fresh air and sunshine today – eat well, drink well, call a friend or play with your kids. And if it IS payday, this writer would love for you to pre-order a copy of Finding Hope. *wink*

Friday Funny…The Evolution of the Writer Butt

If you don’t think authors have a butt evolution due to all that lovely time we spend sitting – you are so wrong. Here is my interpretation on the subject (those super crazy workout buffs not included):

One month before starting Manuscript #1


One month after starting Manuscript #1


One month before finishing Manuscript #1


One month after finishing Manuscript #1


One month before starting Manuscript #2 and swearing off chocolate


One month after starting Manuscript #2 and inserting hidden compartment in desk for chocolate


One month before finishing Manuscript #2 and attempting to balance laptop on treadmill


One month after finishing Manuscript #2 and celebrating with chocolate



You can see where I’m going here. If your writer butt doesn’t evolve even just a little bit, you must be a freak of genetically gifted nature, or you truly have mastered writing on your treadmill. In either case, your butt is lucky. I envy it.


Happy Writing!