Today’s Agenda

Today’s agenda:

  • Spill hot coffee on the table when setting down the full mug, missing the computer by half an inch and finally testing the water-proof cell phone case – check.
  • Pour luke-warm coffee into my cleavage because I somehow forgot how to drink out of a cup and missed my mouth completely – check.
  • Dream about how quickly bed time finally comes back around (for me, not the kids) – check. Repeat – check. Repeat again – check.
I guess it’s just going to be one of those days. Thanks, Tuesday. O.O

Happy HAWT Monday!

Oh. My. Gawd.

From Rebel CircusThis wonderful link to REBEL CIRCUS’s post HOT GUYS DRINKING COFFEE was dropped in my TMDBooks FB group earlier today…and it nearly killed me. Because it has lovely men with beards, dogs and tats, drinking lovely cups of coffee, it was too lovely to not share with you. Did I say this was ‘lovely’? Thank you REBEL CIRCUS. And special thanks to Patty Calles for bringing this post to my attention. Excuse me while I scamper off to the sink and dunk my face in cold water before my cheeks explode.

Happy Monday, y’all! LOL