Throwback Thursday – for the Playlist

Seems I’m constantly adding a song or two to the current WIP playlist (Dying to Know)…and this week it was Van Morrison’s ‘I’ll Be Your Lover, Too’.

Oldie, but goodie…

Tuesday Teaser – Dying to Know

“You miss them, don’t you?”

We’ve walked half-way to the fountain, our refuge, when I realize I’ve been ignoring Kerry-Anne since we left the Ones department lobby.

“Miss who?” I blink.

She points at my arm, where my right hand is fingering the bracelet wrapped around my left wrist. I snatch it away and straighten my shoulders. I have too much to do to be losing myself in idle thoughts.

“No,” I lie, but when Kerry-Anne scrunches her face into a knowing glare, I shrug my shoulders in submission. “Okay, fine. Yeah, a little.”

“Have you talked to them or seen…him?” We’ve reached the fountain rim, and Kerry-Anne plops herself down, taking care to spread out the skirt of her sunny dress.


“Why not?” Her lips peel back in a smile, showing the straight lines of her teeth.

I sigh, taking a seat beside her. “It’s complicated.”

“Everything’s complicated if you make it that way.”

“That should be on a bumper sticker,” I tease.

“Probably already is,” she smirks.

“When did you get so smart?”

She smiles. “Will is out on assignment. I miss him, too. But it’s not the same for you. Will and I see each other in between almost every assignment. Rush isn’t actually here. I mean, you never see him.”

I shake my head in disagreement while dipping my index finger into the fountain water. “He’s around, in a way.”

The words Rush spoke to me just before he last left the Station replay over and over in my head, and again, I reach across my lap to touch the delicate strands wrapped around my wrist with a wet hand.

We are bound together through this. Like family. If you want me to return, simply will it to be.

— Dying to Know, Coming Soon

Dying to Know

DYING to KNOW – Cover Reveal

The Fourth Book of The Station Series is COMING SOON…

Dying to Know, Book 4 of The Station Series by Trish Marie Dawson. Coming Soon

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Be Here Tomorrow for the Latest TMDBook Cover Reveal!

Yep, you read that right!

The fourth Station book has a face – DYING to KNOW will be officially revealed tomorrow right here! There’s going be a giveaway for those who comment on and/or share tomorrow’s post, so don’t forget to return Tuesday for the reveal!

Love isn’t meant to be easy, even after you die…

Can’t wait to share the new cover with y’all. Till tomorrow, mwah!

This Week’s Playlist Madness

I’ve said it a hundred times before – I love my writing playlists – but why? For me, it’s an easy way to stay in the mood for the scene(s) I’m writing, but also to boost my writing creativity as a whole. Not everyone works like this, but seriously, if you feel a bit of a lag with your writing, or have hit that writing wall called BLOCK face-first, try sprucing up your playlist with mood-inducing songs to match your plot. There’s no right or wrong to what you add to your writing playlist, it’s all about how the music makes you feel.

Thought I’d share some of the most recent songs I’ve added to the DYING to KNOW playlist on Spotify. Feel free to check it out HERE.

Happy writing, y’all!