Friday Freebies & Deals!

Woot! It’s Friday – and most of us are probably still suffering from a food coma from yesterday. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We did, even without the turkey! Since I know you all love reading, and not everyone goes out for shopping this weekend (I don’t lol), here are more freebies and deals for y’all! Some of the following titles may be on SALE, so double-check before you one-click, just to make sure. *wink*


Erin the Fire Goddess by LAVINIA URBAN

From Pheonix Flames by LENA WINFREY SEDER

Trial Run by ELLA MEDLER

Geek of Legend: The Elvish Screwdriver by Geekus Maximus

Fierce Winds and Fiery Dragons by Nan Sweet


Girl Fights Back by Jacques Antoine

The Road to Cordia by Jess Allison

I Hope You Find Me by TMDBooks

Dying to Forget by TMDBooks

Sacrifice of Innocence by ALLISON COSGROVE


Enter HERE to win a paperback copy of A Dog’s Guide to Humans by Karen Davison.

So there you have it – a nice list of freebies or deals for you to chomp down on over the holiday weekend!!

Happy Black Friday Everyone!

Welcome to the Family Releases!

Welcome to the tour for Welcome To The Family! A debut vampire novel by Caroline F Levy, it’s out now at Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, and Moon Rose Publishing. Why not check out a little more about the book below?


“Do you believe in things that go bump in the night?”

At only a few hours old, Angela is left on the steps of St Paul’s church. Alone in the world, the only link she has to her past is a pink blanket bearing an emblem with two crossed swords and a snake.

A troubled childhood spent in orphanages leads to Angela attempting to rebuild her shattered life as an adult. Meeting the priest who found her eighteen years previously, she gets a job and a boyfriend, and settles into her new life.

Until she meets Jack.

Drawn to her new boss, she throws herself into work, feeling an unusual bond with people she hasn’t known very long.

Angela becomes embroiled in this new life, feeling a change within herself. A change which isn’t altogether human. Within this change she finds a terrifying secret…a secret which involves her past, her present, and definitely her future…

Welcome To The Family


Author Bio

Caroline F Levy

I was born in Chatham, Kent in 1970. I now live in Yorkshire with my daughter and our five mad cats.

My first memories of any book would have been my mother reading The Enormous Turnip. It must have driven her mad, as it was always our first choice when asked what we should read tonight.

I grew up with the classics; Little Women, The Railway Children, but it would have been The House That Died and Bluebeard that I remember wanting to read.

I can remember writing a verse for the school song, and being chosen as a winner for what was then 3rd year juniors. I stopped reading so much in my late teens to my mid twenties. Life seemed to always be too busy for that pile of books I so wanted to read. It was when I went into hospital to have my daughter, that I had time to read again–and thankfully I haven’t stopped since.

However, it wasn’t until my late twenties that I realised I wanted to write. I have spent a few years trying to complete an online creative writer’s course; without much success, but it led me to what I am writing now. So never give up if you really want to write!

I am very influenced by Fantasy fiction / Horror, most of the books I read are in this genre. I have many Authors I like to follow; Anne Rice was very influential in the beginning. I also discovered Laurel K Hamilton and many, many more. I could go on about different Authors I like to read. However, I will say that this year I have also discovered there are literally, well, probably thousands of very talented Indie Authors out there. And a very welcoming and friendly bunch they are too, but I digress–yes, I get very excited about the subject of books!

I have finished my first novel called Welcome To The Family, which will be published April 29th 2013. I also have other novels in the pipeline, Nikki’s Revenge and Protecting The Family, due out later in the year.

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Reviewing a Fiction Book With Tact

I find myself reading less and less book reviews, even tho I spend more and more time on sites like Amazon and Goodreads. Why? It seems that many book reviewers feel the need to dump not only their personal feelings on what happened in a fictional story, but leave an entire summary of the book, dropping plot spoilers about important characters (by name, no less!) or story twists, that are called twists for a reason – they shake things up and turn the story around on a dime so that the reader has that ‘Oh my gosh, I didn’t see THAT coming’ moment that most of us really enjoy in a good Fiction book. Let me just say – summarizing a Fiction book online is NOT necessary to leave your opinion of the book. We aren’t talking about perennials, college textbooks or biographies about people we already know – we are talking about fantasy worlds or characters created to entertain. Summarizing a Fiction book is like stripping it of all surprise factor. It’s just…rude.

So…why do reviewers review this way? I wish I could tell you. With the Indie Author rush on Amazon and elsewhere, book reviews are an important way to make sales. Not the ONLY way, of course, but it makes sense that a book with fifty 4 or 5 star reviews will attract more potential readers than a book with fifty 1 or 2 star reviews. The fact that all reviews are NOT honest from actual readers is a totally different conversation to be had at another time. Back to the why’s: Do reviewers feel obligated to lay out the plot for potential readers because they feel they are a voice of authority? Do reviewers reveal plot twists because they were so excited by them they want to share their feelings? Do reviewers know that their words have the potential to turn off or turn on a potential reader? I don’t have the answers to these questions. But I do have examples (all the following reviews contain plot spoilers – I suggest you don’t actually read them unless you’ve already read the book):

The last book I read was ‘Warm Bodies’ by Isaac Marion. Check out this lower star review on Amazon

Before that I read ‘Save My Soul’ by Kristie Haigwood. Check out this higher star review on Amazon

Not long ago, I read ‘The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden’ by Jessica Sorensen. Here is an example of an Amazon review riddled with spoilers but with one difference – there is a spoiler alert tag at the top of the review to warn potential readers to stave off.

In Nicolas Spark’s ‘Safe Haven’ (another recent read) there are plenty of moments intended for the reader to enjoy WHILE reading the book. Check out the spoilera in this 4 star review on Amazon!

It seems like the Amazon ranking system for reviews is a moot point. My version of a 5 star book could be the equivalent to another reader’s 3 star review. But regardless of the star review rank, one thing is CRYSTAL clear: Reviewers don’t seem to understand how to leave an appropriate review! I am betting most of those same people would hate to be told how a book will end, or be given a play-by-play of what a character goes through. I mean, not many potential readers enjoy that. We read Fiction because we want to be entertained. Personally, I don’t read something I know the outcome to – why bother? My life is busy, reading for pleasure is not something I have the ability to do 24/7, so when I sit down with a book, I want to be able to lose myself in the story and experience the plot twists for the first time. I know I’m not the only reader who feels the same way. The description area of a book online, left by the Author – who can choose to disclose what he or she wants, or the description on the back of the book, is the only thing I personally want to read before buying it.

Another thing that has exploded is the ‘professional reviewer’. Some people actually get paid to review a book. Let’s skip over the conflict of paying someone to leave a *cough, cough* honest review and focus on what professional reviewers do – they read. They they tell us about what they read. And their fan base takes into consideration their thoughts the next time they browse for books. A book is not like the new, nifty laptop you are considering purchasing and want to know EVERYTHING about – good and bad before buying. Books are meant to hold a few secrets for the readers. A ‘professional’ reviewer should obviously know this. So why continue to review books paragraph by paragraph? It’s already BEEN written – by the Author! Tell us how you liked the story and move on, don’t list it all and ruin the plot for the readers!

Sadly, there isn’t much that can be done for the reader browsing on Amazon or Goodreads in search of that next book to read. Amazon should have a box to check for reviewers – ‘Does this review contain plots spoilers?’ that can then bold that review in RED for the millions of us who want to find out for ourselves what happens, to avoid like the plague. Seriously, if you want to leave your mark on the review page of a book, consider that other people will read it. Consider what you want your mark to be. Will you be the reviewer that tore open a book and spilled its guts for the entire world to see, or will you be the type of reviewer that attracts people to your opinions by your own actual words? As a reviewer, I only seriously consider the reviews left by that latter group. If you happen to be the kind of person who ENJOYS ruining the ending of a book or movie, well I have nothing nice to say, so I won’t say anything else to you.

I suggest reading reviews with caution. Some are fantastic. Some are not. But don’t stop buying and reading books. I won’t, Fiction is a fantasy world I enjoy traveling to on a regular basis. Thank you to all the Authors out there for their hard work. And thank you to the reviewers who (whether they liked the book or not) kept their review tactful for the rest of us.

Happy Reading!

Author Emily Walker Is Here!!!


Meet Emily:

Sometimes I’m Lyra Mcken, sometimes I’m someone else. I like to be just Emily sometimes too. I love to write in every genre and my head is constantly coming up with new story ideas. I run the website where I strive to get other author’s names out there. My biggest interviewee yet was Jamie McGuire.

I work for GMTA Publishing, and Midnight Hour Publishing. You can tweet me @authorewalker or find me on Facebook. I love social media, and I love to read every opportunity I get. My favorite author is Heinlein, but I also have a weak spot for Jane Austin.

My next Novel due out is The Reluctant Succubus with Midnight Hour Publishing and then a self published release in January, Long Road Full Speed Ahead.



Hi Emily, welcome! Thanks for joining us today!

Hi, thank you for having me!

What inspired you to become a writer?

I started ghost writing for other well-known authors and helping them with their novels. They got all the credit of course, which is what I was paid for. I started thinking I can do this myself, and then I did.

That’s awesome! What a great resume you must have. 🙂 Can you tell us more about your book?

Vital Signs is a Horror Short about a sadistic killer who has found an easy way to get to his victims. He has stolen an ambulance, and preys on those that need the most help.

I will never look at an ambulance the same way again. In fact, I might run from them. So, what has been the most difficult scene for you to write in ‘Vital Signs’?

I would have to go with the bloody scenes, I never know if I am writing too light and tame, or if I am taking it too far.

Do you follow a certain writing process with your work?

I have no process. I fly by the seat of my pants.

LOL Sometimes the best way! Do you read the same genre that you write? Can you give us some examples of your favorite books?

Yes, I love to read Horror and be completely shocked or scared. Anything by Stephen King is great. At the same time I write Paranormal stories and love to read Southern Vampire Mysteries and lots of indie authors novels; Rebecca Hamilton’s Forever Girl and Michelle Muto’s Don’t Fear the Reaper are just two, there are dozens.

Another King fan – yay! If you could choose any Author, living or dead, to shadow for a year, who would you choose and why?

Robert Heinlein, his head was crazy!

LOL What has been the most rewarding part of your writing journey so far?

When people say my writing made them laugh or cringe. I like to have my intended outcome when they read my writing.

My favorite part as well. 🙂 Do you have any advice for budding authors looking to self-publish?

Don’t give up and write every day. Get a critique partner that will not sugar coat anything. You want the truth about your work, and you should have someone read it that isn’t trying to appease you.

What can we expect to see from you in the future and where can we find your work?

You will see a lot from me in the future. I have two books due to release with Mystic Press on January 5th Long Road, Full Speed Ahead, and The Reluctant Succubus. I also plan to release a novella called The Alien Deal at the end of the year. Zombified my paranormal fiction written under the pen name Lyra Mcken is in rewrites and set to release at the beginning of next year, and I am in several upcoming anthologies including Fairly Freaky Fairy Tales from Midnight Hour.


If your book became a movie, who would you cast as your main characters?

I think that Vin Diesel or Jason Statham would make a good psycho…


I look forward to seeing all these new titles, especially ‘Zombified’! And yes, Vin and Jason would be awesome! So – it’s time for our Rapid-Fire questions, are you ready? Ok…go!

White Chocolate or Dark Chocolate? Dark Chocolate it’s better for you 😉

Wine – Red or White? White Wine

Tent or Hotel? A hotel, I hate camping!!

Beach or Pool? Beach, I love the ocean

Shower or Bath? A bath though I rarely have time to do anything but shower

eReader or Paperback? It depends. I like an eReader because I can read it on the elliptical, but I love to
read a paperback on the front porch.

Heels or Flats? Heels all the time!

Bra or No Bra? Bra, have to support these puppies.

LOL, that was a fantastic round, Emily! If YOU would like to stalk – I mean – follow, Miss Emily Walker online, here are her links: Facebook, Goodreads, Amazonand Smashwords. You can also follow Emily’s Blog.


Vital Signs

A stranger to our country, free from his chains. Money is his goal, and he takes from the living to make his
way. Death doesn’t phase him as it’s just a means to an end. What happens when your rescuer becomes
your worst nightmare?

Get your copy today!

Happy Reading, everyone!