Sunday Snippet of ‘Hawke & the Beast’

This weekend’s snippet will come from the Anthology I did with Miranda Stork, Lindsay Avalon and Tara S. Wood, called ‘Once Upon A Twisted Time’. If you haven’t read this dark collection of adult fairy tales yet – you can grab your copy HERE on Amazon.


Hawke & the Beast


A horrible screeching filled the house, and as Jasper was ripped from his sleep, he was certain for just a moment that a demon was screaming at the foot of his bed. The instant he flicked on his bedside lamp, the sound ceased. Rubbing sleep from one eye and then the other, he peered into the dark corners of the room, and caught a slight movement to the right of his bed.

“What the-“, he began to speak then bit his tongue, realizing a little late that it was the owl making clicking sounds with its talons as she walked slowly on his wood flooring, and not some hellish creature spewing fire and eternal damnation.

She screeched again, softer this time, before clicking back across the room, and through the open doorway, leaving him tangled in his covers, his mouth agape and sleep still crusting the corners of his eyes.

“I’m not feeding you again!” He shouted toward the living room.

He winced as she screeched louder. Click-click-click-click-click. She paced noisily back and forth from one end of the living room to the other, protesting loudly each time she made it to the front door. The moon was bright, not quite full, but it allowed enough light in through his windows that he could see the bird clearly as he rested against his bedroom door frame.

“Sorry, beautiful. You are stuck in the house for at least a week. Doctor’s orders, you know,” he said to the agitated bird. She turned her head fully around and glared at him thru slit eyes. Even in the dark of the night, those eyes were mesmerizing. Everything else about her screamed Barn Owl, but the eyes; he couldn’t get over how unique they were.

“Okay, look. Maybe in a few days I’ll let you out for just a bit, okay?”

The owl shook her head and then burrowed it deeply into her feathers, leaving only her heart-shaped face visible. After shifting on her feet a few times, she began to close her eyes. You really are beautiful, he thought as he climbed back into bed. He didn’t bother to turn the light off.


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Once Upon A Twisted Time is HERE! :D

This is the official release day of Once Upon A Twisted Time, the first anthology from Moon Rose Publishing! A collection of dark adult fairytales, these stories will turn your idea of what a fairytale should be on its head! From Steampunk to Fantasy, there is something for everyone in this fantastic collection of four novellas. The novellas are based upon The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White, and Beauty and the Beast-see if you can work out which one is which! It is now available on the Moon Rose Publishing site, and from Amazon!



Think you know your fairytales? Think again. These aren’t your normal happily-ever-after. Within these pages, a murderous Little Mermaid gets her revenge, the Cinderella doesn’t really want to wear the slipper, Snow White is up to her eyes in industrial experiments, and the Beauty is in fact the Beast.

This collection of four novellas will surprise you, make you gasp in horror, sigh with relief, and sit on the edge of your seat. And most of all…they will make you rethink everything you think you know about dark fairytales…

Song of the Abyss

Princess Nerissa had envisioned a perfect wedding to a handsome prince. Instead, she fell into a nightmare. When her new husband tries to murder her just hours after pledging his life to her, she must flee towards the sea. Caught in transition from woman to selkie, she is trapped by the dark waters she hoped would be her salvation. Now her destiny becomes that of luring young men to their death…until one comes along that reignites the spark of love inside her. However to ensure her future, she must first face her past. Revenge must be taken…for both her life, and the life of the young man she now loves.

Miss Cavendish and the Spark of Salvation

In a city toiling under the iron fist of the Spiegel Syndicate and its monopoly on coal, Miss Georgina “George” Cavendish is on the brink of a breakthrough that could change the world forever. There’s just one thing standing in her way, her aunt – Xenobia Cavendish. Threatened by her efforts, the Syndicate procures the services of a notorious assassin with a past tied to her own, known as The Huntsman, to dispatch the brilliant scientist. But once he gets a glimpse of the headstrong beauty, will he be able to do the job, or will Georgina sway him to The Cause? And will George find the breakthrough she needs in time, or is New London Town doomed to forever lie under the dark shadow of her aunt’s factories?

Hawke and the Beast

Some curses last forever, and some can be broken with the whisper of three little words. Isabella Rose Woodward fell in love with a witch’s son over a century ago. Her punishment for breaking the young man’s heart was a beastly one. Every month she turns into a different creature, aging on the full moon when her curse allows for a brief return to her human form. Her only salvation is to find a man that will love her as she is…be it adorned in feathers, fur or scales. Has she found this love with the handsome Jasper Hawke? Or will a mysteriously determined Hunter find her first, and snuff out the life she so desperately seeks? A life of normalcy, where she loves and is loved in return… just as she is.

Reborn City

Nyx has one mission in life; bring down the brainwashing of New Omsk’s citizens, and release them from their mundane lives of toil. The year is 2355, and the world is a new place. A Governor is in charge of every city in the world, and humanity is attempting to rebuild itself after recovering from a war that nearly killed it. But this Governor has set his eyes on the intrepid little hacker, Nyx, and he will stop at nothing to get her. But perhaps he needs her more than he ever dreamed he would…as do his citizens.


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Saturday Snippet

Ok, I know I just said I would do snippets on Sunday’s…but tomorrow is a busy day. So in order to ensure I do my promised share this weekend…I’m posting a snippet today from my current WIP…’Hawke & The Beast’. Enjoy!


After dinner, Jasper loaded the dishes into the automatic washer…a machine she found fascinating as it evolved. She was able to observe society as it accomplished feat after feat throughout the many years, but it was the domestic items that struck her as the most amazing. She came from a time when laundry was still washed on boards with Borax. Now, it seemed everything was done with the touch of a tiny little button. Amazing, really, she thought. The time people had on their hands to do productive things had multiplied ten-fold…though most didn’t use their time wisely, it seemed.

“I know this may seem forward, but…what were you doing in the woods…you know…um…” Jasper gestured to her body as they settled onto the sofa, clearly uncomfortable bringing the subject up.

“You mean, what was I doing in the woods…naked?”

He gulped down his coffee, wincing at the heat, “Yes, I suppose that’s what I meant.”

“I wasn’t attacked by someone, if that is what you are concerned about.”

“Do you…make a habit out of hiking in the rain with no clothes on?” A playful light danced in Jasper’s eyes, and Isabella quite liked it.

She laughed a low, sultry sound before replying, “No, no sir, I do not.”

“Please, call me Jasper,” he said as he leaned forward and touched the top of her hand with his fingertips.

Her flesh tingled where he had touched her skin. And even as the blush crept into her cheeks, she attempted to remain composed and dignified, which was incredibly difficult to do, sitting in such close proximity to a man as attractive as Jasper. She shifted on the sofa, bringing her knees up so that she could better bury her back into the luxuriously soft cushion behind her.

She smiled at him, and again she noticed him staring at her eyes. Of course she knew they were not the average color, but it had been a long time, such a long time, since a man like Jasper had gazed into them so intently.

Aware that she was becoming entranced by his gaze, she broke it by glancing around the room, returning to his stare with a question, “Jasper, what is it that you do, exactly?”