‘The Dry Lands’ Launch Party – Game 3!

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Game 3 is easy. Grab the closest Fiction book to you and post in the comment section the third paragraph from the third chapter. Don’t forget to also list the author and book title! Have fun!

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‘The Dry Lands’ Launch Party – Game 2!

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Game 2 should be interesting. 😉 I pulled an excerpt from The Dry Lands but took out a few things. I want you to fill in the blanks (copy and past the excerpt with your words in a comment)! Have fun with it! 😀

The Workers had tossed him out like the _____; a piece of _____ no longer needed. Just like that — his life was supposed to be over. With a grunt and a considerable amount of _____, he bent his _____ at the _____, cringing as the sound of his _____ rubbed unnaturally against the _____ sustained from the fall. The dry air zapped all moisture from his mouth and he _____ to keep from _____ out the _____ that swirled around his tongue. _____ was precious in the Dry Lands. Even if one was lucky enough to end up in the unforgiving desert with water, a man simply did not _____ out his life-source onto the _____ earth because of a little sand.

‘The Dry Lands’ finally has a release date!

Mark your calendars, friends!!

It’s been a little while coming, but my first Sci-Fi Fantasy finally has its release date!

The Dry Lands, a Hutch & A’ris Novel

On the planet Ernoth the start of an underground movement throws together an unlikely pair: a stubborn Princess, A’ris Brynx, and a lowly wanderer, Krane Hutch. If left to conquer the Dry Lands alone death would be inevitable, but together there is a chance for survival. One is on a mission to save the world – the other on a mission of self-preservation. With so many secrets between them and a price on their heads, will either achieve what they set out to do, or will the journey destroy them both?

This character-driven Science Fiction Fantasy is full of intrigue and discovery. Spiked with lies and secrets. Laced with friendships and betrayals. And of course…touched with loss and love.

Hutch and A’ris are coming February 4th, 2014

Yep, that’s next month, I know, but it will get here before you know it!

Can’t wait to share the book with you all. 🙂

Teaser Tuesday

By the time Hutch reached the first set of caves tucked up high in the serrated Scoriah Mountains, his hands were cracked and bleeding and his nose was runny from the cold air. Half the day had passed while he struggled to climb over the foothills and smaller peaks in search of a safe place to sleep for the night. More times than he could count, his footing slipped and the jagged point of the rocky outcrops dug into his shins, arms and chest like shards of glass. Without sustenance he couldn’t heal as quickly as his body allowed.

He hated the place.

Even the caves provided little solace. The largest one he could find was barely deep enough to stretch out in, with only enough height for sitting up. The view overlooked the terrain he had just scrambled over, which was a disappointment as he wanted to see what was beyond the mountain range – not what he already conquered.

And there was something terribly wrong with the air. “What the hell is that stink?”

A gag-worthy odor leaked through the cracked walls of the cave and with the light fading faster than he thought possible, he couldn’t see around his sleeping space to identify the source.

“Smells like curdled milk and dog-shit in here,” he murmured to himself.

The walls felt dry closest to him, so he assumed the rotten smell came from gasses inside the mountain. There wasn’t enough time to look for an odor-free shelter, so he curled up on his side, hoping the breeze would blow hard enough on his face to mask some of the smell. It would take more than luck to survive the night without puking – even more luck to survive the cold.

His last thought of the day wasn’t a pleasant one. I’m screwed completely.

(The Dry Lands, Hutch & A’ris)


One of the hardest parts of being a writer for me is not being able to TALK about the story before its release. Most of us Readers enjoy gushing about plots, characters and twists to friends who are reading the same book, or have already finished.

“OH MY GAWD, I can’t believe he did that!” or “Have you gotten to the last chapter yet…hurry up!”

But I can never do this – unless it’s to someone who has no interest in reading the book – which wouldn’t exactly be the best person to dish out details to, would it? lol Spoilers, people. Spoilers.

So as I wrap up the 2nd draft of The Dry Lands, I’m in a constant internal struggle to keep my yap shut. Posting snippets is fun, and that takes a teeny bit of pressure off my brain – but I know how the story ends and I want to TALK about it. It’s 100x worse than reading a book your best friends have yet to read. Trust me. It’s like residing in Literature Hell until publication day. Just pure torture.