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Yes, I know.

A few weeks ago, a reader left a message right here under one of my Station novelette posts asking if I was writing under a different name, then notified me of a title that started so much like one of mine did around Chapter 3, that I admit, I had heart palpitations. No joke…panic mode was enabled.

See, here’s the thing – you can’t copyright an idea, or even a concept. But as a writer, if you are mindful of this, one of the best (and hardest) parts of writing Fiction is the world-building, the fresh ideas, the character development, the plot, the twists, etc… It feels good to lose yourself in a world of your creation. But there will come a time, no doubt, when two books are unintentionally similar. Perhaps by theme, perhaps by setting, or perhaps in a hundred different other ways, but when two books combine too much of those things and have entire sections with a similar theme, setting and timeline of events that possibly borrow from one title to set the story for another – is this coincidental…is it still unintentional? The fact is, I don’t know. And legally, as far as copyright law, this enters some very grey area.

It is this grey area that has me curious, and yes, concerned. See, when I wrote Dying to Forget, admittedly, I had not read a gazillion afterlife titles in ‘preparation’. For me, every story I’ve done was 99% waking up from an awesome and twisted dream, to that 1% of real life influence, and that’s what the Station books have been.

I was going through the difficult time of healing and acceptance after the death of my Aunt. She was one of my favorite people. With the biggest laugh and equally large heart, when she took her life it stunned me. Not because I didn’t think it would ever happen, but because I thought I could have prevented it. I know now, how hard and impossible that was. See, mental health is a real issue, not just a phase, not just something someone can get over. Clinical Depression took my Aunt’s life, and I wish that all of us in her life had understood before she died, how hard every day truly was for her. Since she’s been gone, I hear her in my head all the time. She talks me down from my own ledges, pumps up my self-esteem when I need it, and is generally just an extra version of my own sub-conscious. She’s really with me every day. This is what I wanted Piper Willow to be for you.

What I didn’t know would happen, is how many truly amazing people would relate to Piper and the creation of ‘my’ Station. Some of those who have been hurt, or who hurt themselves, have truly found a bit of solace in these books, and they’ve reached out to tell me so. The point of the Station is not a selfish one – but intended to go beyond the pain of one person to help others. And before I get too mushy and start crying all over the keyboard, what’s important to me is not that someone else may have intentionally or unintentionally used the platform of my Station books to create a version of their own, but it is that there is only one Piper Willow. And there’s a little bit of her in all of us. This won’t be taken away by another title; Piper is here to stay.

So, until it is legally necessary to pursue this funky and unexpected matter further, it’s at that point where online I can’t stay completely quiet anymore. I’ve gotten your messages, I’ve read your posts. I totally get the passion behind why some readers of the Station series are curious, confused and yes, pissed off. I also get why readers of this other author are pissed, but if you haven’t read the Station books I guess you just wouldn’t understand why this is a really strange occurrence and why Piper fans are more than a little concerned. The only way to even remotely get the passion behind a Station fan would be to also read Dying to Forget. And this isn’t a sales pitch – because the title is 100% free. It’s not enrolled in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program, which means I get exactly $0.00 for each download and read. KU books are free for Prime members, but the author still gets paid. I would hope that any reader of the other title in question would do their own research before attacking my Station readers. It’s only fair. For those who want to have mature and respectful discussions with each other about this topic – the comments section is open to you.

So, yes, I know. I’ve been made aware of what is happening and I’m choosing to focus right now on what really matters – that Piper’s fourth story be finished and in your hands soon. Because my Station still has tales to share, and friends to make.

Any decent writer can retell a story, but not all can create one. The books I choose to write are hopefully the same as the ones I love to read: different from the masses. In the end, it comes down to you, the reader, and what you want. I hope that my Station books give you what you want or need, and keep you entertained. If this happens, it’s a win for me.

No, I don’t want to publicly talk about this other title or author by name. It’s not my way, regardless of how I may feel. So keep on doing what you do best as a Station fan – share the book with your friends. Let them know why Piper matters to you.

Now off I go, back to her world and the never-ending drama of the Station, where I’m currently obsessed (and with over 200 million views, I must not be alone!) with Alan Walker’s ‘Faded’ and have on repeat in my writing playlist. I’ll share the video with you below, for your listening pleasure…

XOXO – Trish

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Thursday Throwback – Dying to Return

*Spoiler Alert for those who haven’t read the first two books of The Station Series*


“You have really upset them,” Rush laughs. We’ve circled the Station three times, strolling aimlessly in a figure eight as Rush allows me to take in the scenery and practice blocking out the murmur of the crowd, focusing on only a few people at a time. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be, and I agree with him that it’s smart we came to a Station full of strangers before returning to my own.

“Me?” I mock.

“You know you did. The whole place is brimming now with gossip of our arrival. Usually I tend to hide in the background. You know…blend in with the locals. Not on this visit,” he groans.

“Oh please, you know you love being the center of the universe.”

“Which universe do you speak of?” He feigns a shocked expression and I elbow him in the side.

All of them.”

With a snort, he doesn’t argue. Probably because I’m right. We’re making our way through a group of women with white hair who seem quite taken by Rush when a stabbing pain pulls at my temples. My stomach lurches and for a moment I think I might vomit. Not that anything is in there to come up.

“Piper, what’s wrong?” Rush asks, gripping my elbow with one hand to steady me.

“I don’t…I don’t know.”

The pain spreads along the back of my head like I’ve been struck with a mallet and the air stops in my lungs. The women with white hair shuffle away, afraid, leaving a gap between us and one other person. A young man.

“Holy shit,” he says to no one in particular.

With a final breath before I collapse to my knees onto the pearly floor, I mutter two words I never thought I’d say again, “Ryan Burke.”

The fourth book in The Station Series, DYING to KNOW, is coming soon!

Are YOU successful?

Authors consider different things when thinking of success in their careers. But for me, it’s simple: Did I sell at least one book yesterday, and have I taken the time to write, edit, format or research today? If I answer YES on at least one of those two questions, then I consider my time as a writer a success.

It’s great to have long-term goals, but also to remember that every little thing adds up to the big things. Set the bar high, yet don’t forget to enjoy your small accomplishments, because they help make reaching that long-term goal possible!

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”  – Walt Disney

Keep on dreaming. 🙂

Tuesday Teaser

“Sir, the boy’s an orphan. He has no family to haul in for questioning.”

Kern stood in a dark corner with his back against the wall and his thick arms crossed, feeling more than just a little displeased that the King accompanied them to the lower dungeons. This was his turf. It was not a place for spoiled royals to wander about and muck up his interrogation process. If the King wanted anything from the boy, Kern would be the one to extract it – not the bejeweled and luxuriously robed commander who couldn’t hide the shake in his hands from too much drink.

“An orphan,” The King repeated. He mulled over the word as he circled Peton slowly.

Kern rolled his eyes. “Your Majesty must have a full schedule today,” he said, pushing off the wall and stepping into the flicker of candle light. “Rest assured the boy will be handled properly. The information you requested will be provided with haste.”

The King froze with one hand on the thick wooden cross that Peton hung from and turned his head slowly to look at Kern. “If I didn’t know better, Kern, I’d take that comment as an underhanded attempt to kick me out of my own dungeon.”

“Of course not…” Kern struggled for words.

“Then, you are saying I am mistaken?” The King let his palm slide off the beam and faced Kern. “I’m not sure which is a bigger violation of your servitude; the fact that you implied you can handle this issue better than myself, or that you assume I am too stupid to comprehend your insult.”

Even in the dark lighting, Kern was certain the King could see him pale. He went down on one knee and lowered his head. The toe of the King’s left shoe was scuffed, and though wardrobe was not his station to manage, he would be sure the King had a brand new pair of silk slippers before the hour came to a close. And women waiting for him in his quarters. Lots of women.

“Forgive me, Sir. I mean no disrespect. Please consider my impertinence to be one of eagerness. I only want to question the prisoner with haste, so that I may swiftly put your worries to rest. Surely the Princess has nothing to do with this ingrate. If I have insulted you, I accept your due punishment completely, Majesty.”

It was more than Kern had ever said to the King in one breath. And it wasn’t fear or humility that caused him to bow before the poor excuse of a ruler. It was desire.

The fair A’rissandra Brynx would belong to him. And Peton Dahl was quite possibly the only person in Ernoth proper who knew where the pretty little thing had run off to. Kern wasn’t going to kill the kid. Sometimes keeping a prisoner alive was more helpful. He was going to remove his flesh in pieces until he got the information he needed and then let the lass wallow in grief, knowing he betrayed his friend. It was a job the impatient King could not perform. Besides Peton, Kern knew the only other man in the room that loved A’rissanda was himself. Love was a powerful motivator.

Kern waited, with his breath held in his lungs until the burn became unbearable. When the King touched his shoulder, the air escaped in one massive gust.

“Do you know why you are one of my most trusted advisors and head of Ernoth security, Kern?” The king asked.

“No, your Majesty.”

“Because, Kern, you fully understand your place.”

The muscles in Kern’s jaw twitched as if electrocuted, yet he said nothing and remained bowed in submission.

– Copyright Trish Marie Dawson, The Dry Lands (Hutch & A’ris)