‘The Dry Lands’ Launch Day Party – Game 5!

Okay, guys – here is your last chance to play for a paperback copy of The Dry Lands! If you share, use the hashtag #HutchnAris – thank you!

The last game of the evening has three parts. You’ll have to take a trip down memory lane for this one. 😉 Post the first memory that comes to mind with each of the three things posted below (doesn’t have to be an old memory). Have fun!

#1 – Song, I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

#2 – TV Show, The X Files

Thexfiles#3 – Movie, Titanic

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‘The Dry Lands’ Launch Party – Game 2!

When you share this post, please remember to hashtag #HutchnAris!

Game 2 should be interesting. 😉 I pulled an excerpt from The Dry Lands but took out a few things. I want you to fill in the blanks (copy and past the excerpt with your words in a comment)! Have fun with it! 😀

The Workers had tossed him out like the _____; a piece of _____ no longer needed. Just like that — his life was supposed to be over. With a grunt and a considerable amount of _____, he bent his _____ at the _____, cringing as the sound of his _____ rubbed unnaturally against the _____ sustained from the fall. The dry air zapped all moisture from his mouth and he _____ to keep from _____ out the _____ that swirled around his tongue. _____ was precious in the Dry Lands. Even if one was lucky enough to end up in the unforgiving desert with water, a man simply did not _____ out his life-source onto the _____ earth because of a little sand.

It’s ‘The Dry Lands’ Launch Party Time!

Who’s ready to have fun and win some signed print copies of ‘The Dry Lands’?! Play as many games as you can today to increase your chances of winning! Winners will be chosen randomly later this evening.

Game 1 of 5

Our first game today will be an easy one: a ‘Caption This’ photo. If you share this post on your media networks for your friends, please use the hashtag #HutchnAris okay? Leave one comment HERE for the photo! Have fun and be creative!