Release Date for ‘Mallory’

It’s official! MALLORY has a release date and it’s right around the corner!

Mark your calendar for this Friday, July 18th!


Station_Mallory_JPGFans of The Station Series will be happy to read the second Station novelette out this summer about the lovely Mallory Storm and how she came to arrive at the Station. Told from her perspective, readers get an insight into the inner workings of Mallory’s mind, and her early experiences in the Station after-life. Who was she before she died, and who is she now? The answers are waiting for you…

‘Mallory’ is the second of three Station Series novelettes to be released this summer!

Coming Soon – ‘Kerry-Anne’.

Thursday Teaser – MALLORY

When I get impatient I wiggle my foot. It’s more of a seizure than a wiggle, actually. I’m doing that now. I sat in the waiting room for what felt like a century, and by the time we were allowed in a room there were seven of us. The odd-number sessions are the worst. Because we get paired off at some point for one-on-one discussions, and it never fails that I get stuck in that three-person group. It means the tête-à-tête becomes a messy ‘It’s your turn – No, it’s your turn’ thing that takes forever. And training isn’t usually something any of us want to do longer than necessary.

As my foot bounces wildly, I take in the others around me. The two that were there when I arrived in the waiting room are the only ones that appear green – the rest of us have a ‘hurry it up already’ attitude. I almost laugh, until a girl sitting on my right speaks to me.

“Can you stop that?” she asks.


“The foot thing. My brother used to do that. It’s so annoying. He never sat still. A nervous tick, our parents said, but I didn’t think so. I swear he did it just to piss me off. I can’t believe his feet didn’t fall off at the ankle. Damn kid shook it hard enough to do just that,” she said.

“Oh.” I stilled my foot and tried not to glare at the teen. I could have given her an ear-full and told her my patience was simply wearing thin and that if one more person pissed me off, I’d take my ‘annoying’ foot and shove it somewhere unpleasant. But I snapped my mouth shut. She wasn’t worth the headache.

The Instructor, one I didn’t recognize, moved around the room speaking in hushed tones to each of us briefly. There didn’t seem to be anyone in the room I felt comfortable dishing my current concerns to, so I hoped he wouldn’t mind me using him as a one-on-one. But that changed when he finally made it to me.

He bent forward and spoke in my ear, not quite a whisper, but not loud enough for the others to hear. “Mallory, we’ll be doing something different today. Once I have spoken to everyone, please rise and take your chair to the back of the room.”

And that was it. He moved on to the teen at my right and I watched him speak to her with my forehead crinkled in a frown.

Something different? Why? I’m just here to talk, so I don’t go crazy.

– MALLORY, A Station Series Novelette – Coming Soon



Are you ready to see the new Station Series novelette cover???

Are you excited to read MALLORY STORM’S Story?



Mallory says, “That’s a wrap!”

Today I finished Mallory’s story – her novelette that will be released this summer! It’s with the editor, which means I can stretch out my neck for a few hours before starting Kerry-Anne’s tale. And then – BOOM – it will be time to do the covers and get ready for releases! Here’s a snippet from Mallory’s story…


I fidget with the card in my hand, knowing there is a life attached to it. Krista smiles and offers me a hug over the desk. And not just any hug; her arms wrap all the way around my top half and though I try and turn my head to the side, my face ends up smashed against Krista’s neck before she releases me. Sensing my surprise, she laughs with a shrug and says, “Sorry, but it looked like you needed one of those.”

“It’s okay.” I smile. “I did. Thank you.”

She shrugs again, nonchalantly. “There’s a shortage of hugs here, I say take them when you can, right?”

We both laugh. I don’t know why I’m nervous, it’s not like this is my first assignment. I rotate the black glass around in my hand again, feeling the coolness of it. The rectangular shape fits easily in my palm. “So, I’m off, I guess. Thanks again.”

“Good luck, Mal. I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully, as usual.” Krista winks at me and sits back down behind the counter, shuffling papers and looking busy.

When I walk away, I glance at the Assignment board across the room and spot myself almost immediately. I feel exhilarated, like my next assignment is going to mean something. More than any have before. It’s a ridiculous feeling, I know this, but I still can’t help but feel positive that I’ll be making a difference. That my time spent with this next charge will be worth it; worth the challenges, mentally, and however ironic – physically.

– The Station, Mallory (Coming Soon)

Mallory’s Story!

Station_MalloryIt has started…Mallory’s novelette! WHO is excited?? 🙂


I snap out of my flashback and open my eyes as my body startles back to the present. I’m not the only one crying. In fact, I think we all are. I don’t turn around to see. August is no longer touching my shoulder, but the impression of him remains.

When he speaks, his voice is low and gentle. Emotional. “And now, we will take that moment, that hour before you died, and we will compare it to the first hour you were with your last charge. Keep your eyes closed…this will hurt a bit.”

– The Station, Mallory