A New TMDBook is Finally Here!


Charge those Kindles and Nooks – today’s the day, the arrival of the newest Find Me book – are you ready??

Riley has lost her family, for the second time. In the much anticipated fourth installment of the Find Me series, a new battle has begun. As the group struggles with their recent losses and some major life changes, they are reminded that the ghosts of their pasts won’t go away quietly. To live, they will have to fight against fate, and each other, for this is a war from within.

Hope can’t save them all.



Where Hope is Lost

Are you new to this series? If so, try it out now for FREE with ‘I Hope You Find Me‘! Books 2 and 3 are also on sale. Happy Reading!


Creating a Villain

As I dive into the 7th day of NaNoWriMo, I get to do something I absolutely love (maybe more than is healthy) and create a villain. See, in Riley’s world, even the protagonists can go bad…if only for a day. This villain-to-be is such a character, though I do believe the villain part may be around till the end. Character arcs are a fun thing to see happen over time in a series, and this one will be a bumpy ride. To compliment today’s undoing (in the story, y’all), I came across the perfect song to fit the moment. No doubt, it will be on repeat for a  majority of the day. Enjoy…

Writer friends – I’m curious – what are your favorite villain songs to write to? For me, each character has their own story, and their own song. 😉

I don’t know about you…but…

…was this the longest week ever, or what?! So glad it’s Friday (night) not that the weekend means no work for me, but it means less errands, not having to sit in traffic on the Tues/Thurs morning school runs, and less panic about struggling to consume coffee before 8am so that I’m a ‘normal’ person in my car.

As we head into the weekend (some of you are already there!) I hope that y’all have something mellow to balance out the crazy. Balance is hard to attain but important to strive for. I’m working on it myself. For instance, we have cool whip in the house (a first since last Thanksgiving probably) and instead of seeing how long it would take to reach the bottom of the container if I dove face-first into it, I put a modest dollop on top of some fresh strawberries. *wink*

And because I’m rocking out with the earplugs in connected to Spotify on my phone, it seems unfair to not share what’s playing on the Writing Playlist…

*Borrowed from YouTube, no copyright intended.*

Happy Weekend, y’all!

Happy Throwback Thursday!

I’m a child of the 80’s and 90’s y’all, so Throwback Thursday is always fun. 😉 Feel free to do some air drums with me…

*No copyright intended, video from YouTube*

Throwback Thursday – for the Playlist

Seems I’m constantly adding a song or two to the current WIP playlist (Dying to Know)…and this week it was Van Morrison’s ‘I’ll Be Your Lover, Too’.

Oldie, but goodie…