Saturday Snippet!

So I have shared this on Facebook but it’s time to share it here too!

Here is the Prologue of my new book, The Last Failynn Princess – a middle grade fantasy story. 🙂



The faerie Princess reached out a small and pale hand to silence the furious dragon. The smell of sulfur filled the cave, mixing with the rank odor of the creature’s putrid saliva. It growled at her, baring several rows of jagged, razor sharp teeth before rolling its tongue out to taste her skin.

“I am not here to harm you, Ancient One. Only to ask for your protection,” the faerie whispered.

“Your kind is not welcome here,” the dragon growled. “Your magic is nearly as powerful as mine. What protection could I give you that you cannot conjure yourself?”

The Princess nodded at the entrance to the cave behind her, “The King and Queen have been murdered in their sleep. I am being hunted, Old Wise One. By something larger than myself…by something more powerful than even you,” she whispered.

“There is nothing more powerful than I,” the scaly creature hissed angrily, narrowing its hot, amber eyes at the faerie.

“Oh, but there is, and I fear it is a demon, come to destroy us all.”