Release Date for ‘Mallory’

It’s official! MALLORY has a release date and it’s right around the corner!

Mark your calendar for this Friday, July 18th!


Station_Mallory_JPGFans of The Station Series will be happy to read the second Station novelette out this summer about the lovely Mallory Storm and how she came to arrive at the Station. Told from her perspective, readers get an insight into the inner workings of Mallory’s mind, and her early experiences in the Station after-life. Who was she before she died, and who is she now? The answers are waiting for you…

‘Mallory’ is the second of three Station Series novelettes to be released this summer!

Coming Soon – ‘Kerry-Anne’.

Release Week Game Rules – Please Read

Before we start the games, here are a few easy rules and incentives! I’ll jot down the names of those who participate in each game (earnestly and with enthusiasm; one word comments or announcements like ‘I’m here!’ on the blog posts will not count) and all of those people will receive a little something special on June 28th. There will also be a grand-prize winner randomly selected from the participant pool at the end of the week, so my suggestion is to be here every day (the time does not matter) and participate as much as you can!

What you need to know:

  • All visitors of the blog are asked to be respectful toward others. There is no exception to this. Play nicely. 😉
  • Every day there will be a new game posted on the blog, and it will be numbered (Monday – Game 1, Tuesday – Game 2, etc…) so this will make it easy for you to find the games. 🙂
  • At the end of each day, I will go through and write down all those who participated that day. In other words, I will not add someone that posted a comment on Wednesday for Monday’s game. This is simply to save me time and make it fair for those who stop by every day.
  • At the end of the week, a list of names will be posted as winners. YOU are responsible for checking back in on Friday to see if your name is on the list. If so, follow the directions in that post carefully so you know how to collect your prize Friday morning.
  • A grand-prize winner will be announced some time after Friday. YOU are responsible for checking back in over the weekend.
  • This is release week for ‘DYING to RETURN’ but there might be posts put up here and there about things unrelated to The Station Series. Of course you can comment on anything here, but if the post is not labeled clearly as a ‘Game’ for the day, then it was posted for anyone and everyone to simply enjoy.
  • Now read this one carefully, over and over so you understand: Have fun!

LOST and FOUND Release Day Party SWAG!

Friday means two important things for you:

The online release of LOST and FOUND and the Release Day Party fun!

We’ve been celebrating for awhile now, but Friday brings new winnings for a few very lucky people! So, how do you get in on the fun?

For starters, you need to be attending the Facebook Release Day Event Party page.

Once you read the rules below, and agree to the terms laid upon us by Facebook, you can join in on the fun! Any ‘winners’ will be announced here on the blog throughout the day…so be sure to be on the lookout in the party for posts linking back to this blog.

What can you WIN? Well, take a peek…

A Signed, Print Copy of LOST and FOUND 

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00071]

Coffee Mug

LF Mug


LF Tote

Handmade LOST and FOUND Paper Rose

Rose for LF Release Party

So, now I’m sure you want to know how you can win these things?

SIMPLE! Read the rules for this contest giveaway below:

RULES for LOST and FOUND Giveaway

There will be no grand prize winner, instead, those who have met all requirements will gain entry points for the above items. There will be three drawings for each item pictured above (1 for the Print copy, 1 for the mug, 1 for the tote). Participants that have met all requirements can gain entries into each drawing – there is NO limit to entries, or the number of drawings Participants choose to enter. At the end of Release Day, three separate drawings will be made via for those who have met all of the below requirements.

The Requirements to enter each drawing are:

  1. All Participants must be attending the Facebook Event Party

  2. All Participants must email their Amazon receipt of purchase for the eBook copy of LOST and FOUND to

How to win EXTRA entries into one or all three of the above drawings:

All day long on Friday, small contests/games will be held on the Facebook Event Page that will give those participating in the above requirements ways to earn extra entries. These entries will be added to the drawings at the end of the day.

Good Luck to everyone participating and Thank You for your interest and support for the release of LOST and FOUND!! Happy Reading!

Cover Reveal for ‘Lost and Found’ book 2 of the Find Me Series!

She survived the World’s worst global pandemic. She learned how to cope with the City’s roaming dead. She struck down the living who tried to kill her. Now Riley fights a new battle – the one within herself. Wracked with survivor’s guilt and an almost crazed sense of duty that takes her out of the solitude of the Southern California mountains and into the heart of Orange County, she makes a series of choices that can lead to the destruction of everything she’s managed to save.

In the end, will it all be worth it? What will be lost? What will be found? And which questions will be left unanswered?

BOOK 2 of the FIND ME Series…


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00071]

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