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Stationers! DYING to KNOW is coming along nicely now that I’m back into writing it full time. *wink* Who wants a teaser quote??

There are some kisses that should be forbidden. They steal the soul right from the body, staking a claim on the heart forever. This kind of kiss can build and destroy worlds, and bring even the most mighty to their knees in submission. Because in the end, a love like this wins. Every time.


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Some people think that when a loved one is in a coma, you should talk to them and touch them, so as to let them know you are there. This way the person doesn’t feel alone. And just maybe, they’ll fight to come back – back from death. But no one really gets what it’s like. Being stuck in the middle of where you were and where you’re going – it’s not a choice the person can make. I know this now, because today I realized that the hazy memory fog I’ve been trapped in is a coma. As the Doctor stood over me, explaining to my parents what their choices were, I heard it all.

“No chance of recovery,” he’d said. Brain-dead. Gone.

But the Doctor was wrong. I’m still here – trapped. Screaming. Crying. Hurting. But they can’t hear me. They can’t feel me. Those experts have it all backwards – it’s me who needs to talk to them, to touch them, to let them know I’m here. But I can’t. Even if I was awake, I know my fingers are gone. And my tongue. The flames melted half my flesh away. I know my brain can’t work anymore – the connections that used to fire from one cell to the other are frozen in place – but I’m still here. Like my soul is stuck in time, waiting for permission to move on. I guess that means they’ll have to unplug me.

When you have the sort of empty time I do now, the mistakes you’ve made are all you can think about. And I guess I’ve made some big ones. Setting myself on fire probably tops the list of stupid things I’ve done. I don’t think about that moment much. Not because it’s so unpleasant, but because I just can’t remember it all. I was in the bathroom, the matches in my hand, the lower half of my dress drenched in Daddy’s BBQ lighter fluid, my eyes red from crying, staring back at me in the mirror. I know what I did. And I remember I tried to put myself out with the shower curtain, but it wrapped around me and the plastic melted to me and acted like a funnel, sending the uncontrollable flames licking up my body. Eating at my skin. Devouring me. And then the memory sort of fades to an endless dark nothing.

Dark, like the inside of my no longer working mind.

I know I’m wrapped up with strips of fabric and gauze and dosed with medications, because every once in a while, someone pries open what is left of my eyelids, and for the briefest moment, I can see again. But the damaged skin of my lids is heavy with blisters, and they slide closed when released, and the world around me vanishes once more. It’s the way things go for a long time. A very long time. So long, in fact, that I’m sure I’ve hallucinated my entire life. All fifteen years of it.

Maybe I wasn’t adopted. Maybe Lavinia wasn’t one of those hard-core mothers with a martini constantly in her right hand who pushed her only daughter to be as exceptional as her sister’s adopted kid. Maybe Luke wasn’t one of those fathers who cared only about what everyone else thought of him and his golf swing. Maybe none of it was real, not one single minute. For a while I even thought that I’m a fetus, growing inside some strange woman’s womb, ready to be reborn into a different life. But I know I’m not that lucky…

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DYING to FORGET, book 1 of The Station Series

Sometimes the day you die, is only the beginning…


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Tuesday Teaser – Dying to Know

“Not every moment here is a pleasure,” his gruff voice says above my head.

I shrug. “Right. But, it’s not meant to be a pleasure though, is it?”

“No, I suppose not,” Rush answers.

We both stare at the wall, and he reaches out to touch the picture of Mallory’s face as it comes up. “She’s a good friend.”

I shrug again. “Yeah. And a good volunteer, even though things didn’t go so great with me, obviously. That’s not her fault though.” I pause to take a long sigh, bringing the air deep into my lungs before letting it back out in a loud puff. “I don’t know how she can stand to look at my face after what I did. Maybe Sloan’s right – volunteers really shouldn’t be friends with their failed cases.”

Rush nods. “I can see how that makes things…difficult. In a perfect world, none of you would be here. And I’ll admit with more than a little embarrassment, that sometimes I wonder how different both our lives would be if you’d not arrived at the Station at all.” His voice is quiet, pensive. Whatever else is going on inside his mind, he’s keeping it to himself.

My own thoughts are racing circles around its own silent track. “You know, I think about things like that all the time. Part of me wishes I’d never woken up here, but then I feel grateful to have this place. The Station is a second chance for those of us who felt no chances were left.”

– Dying to Know, Coming Soon

Dying to Know

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It’s All About NILES Today – Oh, Yeah, and a Giveaway!


Exciting news, y’all! NILES is now available in Audiobook form for your listening pleasure! He has a voice, and he’s waiting for you to hear his story. One of the three Station Novelettes, NILES brings you closer to the Station and its inhabitants, and gives you a peek into what it was like to meet Piper Willow for the first time. If you’re new to audiobooks, you can sign up for a free trial membership at Audible and download NILES for free. But read on, Stationers, because there’s a Giveaway attached to this post as well!

NILES, a Station Series Novelette now in AudioNOW AVAILABLE IN AUDIO

“…After all that ‘training’ the powers that be expected us to go into someone else’s mind and fix things. My first handful of assignments scared me more than anything prior had. But after the third, I realized one important fact about humanity – we all hurt the same; it’s what we do with that hurt that matters. And I won’t lie, it took several dozen more assignments for me to feel worthy as a Volunteer. Because I was damaged goods. Not until I embraced that  realization did I see that we all are.

Not a damn one of us is perfect.”

And now, a special treat for y’all. The narrator for NILES is in the house for a surprise Q&A! Get yourself settled, and depending on your time zone, pour yourself a cup of coffee or a glass of wine (I won’t judge) and meet Richard Wilson, the man behind the mic…

Niles Q&A

Q: Hi Rick! Nice to have you on the blog today! Working with you on NILES was a fun experience! Since you’ve narrated other audiobooks before, can you tell us how NILES might have been different for you?

A: Well, many books just require a straight narration. You know, “The sun was setting as the haggard bartender motioned me to take a seat near the window….” But this book is Niles’ personal story. It’s told with his thoughts and his feelings. So beside just narrating the book, to some degree I had to become Niles. I wanted to make his thoughts and feelings real to the listener. It was quite a journey. When people arrive at The Station, they are not like a tourist stepping off a plane. Through the story, Niles experiences a full range of emotions.

Q: He absolutely does, and I think you’ve played his character well for listeners. So, how did you approach the process of creating the audiobook?

A: At first, I was able to spend a few hours talking with you about the book, about Niles, and his relationships with the other characters. That was a delight. I usually just get handed a script and am left on my own. It is a pleasure to actually talk to the author and get their feel for the character. I also read through the script carefully a few days before stepping into the studio to let it all sink in. I know that seems quite basic, but you would be surprised how often audiobooks are just done off a “cold read.” That technique can work, but the end result can often lack warmth. I was glad to have the added time to get to know Niles a bit.

Q. This was also the first time I spoke with a narrator before hand and it made for an entirely different experience! I appreciate you taking the time to do that with me. You have some similarities to Niles that helped in casting you for the audiobook. Was that a help?

A. Yes. I am very similar in age to Niles and I also have two sons. There are historic references in Niles’ story that I also remember well. So, it made it easy to relate to Niles. The biggest differences are that he came from Seattle and I live in California. And, of course, he is at The Station.

Q. I think having those connections made the reading very believable. Was there any part of the project that you particularly liked?

A. I really enjoyed working interactively with you, Trish. It was exciting sharing some of the segments of the story as they were produced. I was amazed at how late into the night we were  exchanging emails. It is a fun collaboration.

As far as the story, there is a section where Niles has his “Life in Review.” It’s deeply emotional.  But, I enjoyed doing that section exactly because it was challenging. It is still my favorite part of  the story.

Q: This really has been a great collaboration, Rick. Thank you for that! The scene where Niles has his Life in Review was hard to write, but listening to it myself, I forgot about being the author for a moment and truly enjoyed it as a listener. Yep, I cried. Before we go, is there anything else you’d like to share?

A. For one, I’m honored to become a part of The Station Series. It is a special world that you’ve  created and Niles is an important part of that world. Second, I hope people who love The Station Series will also enjoy this newest piece. It was a lot of fun to produce.

I am so excited to share this production with the Station fans, Rick! Thank you for the hard work and making this process a memorable one! And thanks again for being here today, Rick!

For those of you anxious to listen to Niles (and of course I encourage each of you to do so, lol) please read on to find out how you can win a free copy!


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Well, that just happened…sorry Stationers.

This is for the Stationers (Station fans)…mostly.

Alas, if you actually enjoy setting off bombs in your readers’ unsuspecting hearts, then I suppose this is for you writers out there, too.

Readers, if you, like me, didn’t think someone at the Station could die a second time, uh, well I’ve bad news. Today I realized while writing a scene…yes, yes they can. And it’s sad as hell, y’all. Because the Station is supposed to be safe. This was a surprise for all. O.O

Even when us writers think we have a story all figured out, and our characters are in line for the most part, the unexpected happens. Which is organic writing at its best. If you try and plan it all out, you’ll miss those unexpected moments that just might turn into gold. Like the little bombshell moment I had today.

As for spoilers – I’ll say only this: Things can go wrong at the Station. Horribly wrong.

Now I’ll retreat back into the WIP to clean up the mess I just unleashed in this little make-believe world, and leave you with one thought: What happens next?

Phew…not even the Writer knows.

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