MADNESS is Coming…

They called him the Night Bleeder…and his hunger is stronger than ever. 

Detective Capalbo’s most disturbing Cold Case is about to heat up. He’s lost his guy once before. He can’t afford to lose him again. 


Aside from the excited drumming of his heart against his ribs, the only thing he heard was the rushed clicking of a woman’s heels on the damp asphalt. The sharp sound of her stilettos echoed off the hollow alleyway and he allowed half of his mouth to turn up in a grin.

Women could be so damn stupid.

Following the sharp lines of the brick building, he tailed her silently, being careful to stay tucked behind the shadows of the moonless night. Even if she happened to look over her shoulder, the young woman wouldn’t see him. He’d perfected this part of the hunt – the stalking. Others like him had said over the years that hunting their prey was just as satisfying, if not more so, than the actual killing. Not him. The hunt was simply the beginning.

When she picked up her pace, he almost laughed out loud. They always did that. He knew she could feel him behind her, though he hadn’t made himself known yet. Women’s intuition, they called it. And yet here she was, ignorantly and brazenly wandering down an empty alley in the dead of night, scantily clad in club attire. Her long hair left down for easy grabbing. Shoes so high she couldn’t run in them even if the Devil Himself was chasing her. And she was totally, perfectly, alone.

She was his before he even touched her.







FM 4 is Coming Soon…

With Drake on her left, Connor on her right, and Riley asleep between them, they were the true definition of a love triangle.

– © Trish Marie Dawson, Find Me 4

A Teaser Excerpt from Finding Hope

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Finding Hope

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What Lies Beneath…an Excerpt

Murder was a messy business; torture even less clean. As Hutch walked through the inn’s lobby, taking care to avoid the streams of dried blood that had drained from [the woman’s] body, he struggled to swallow. It wasn’t the first time he’d seen such a thing and he doubted it would be the last. But seeing the most evil side of human nature was never easy.

Each fingernail had been wrenched from [her] hands, as were the front teeth from her upper jaw. One eye was sealed shut, lost beneath a contusion the size of a lemon. A clean split opened her lower lip, giving her mouth an un-natural ‘V’ shape. As he looked at her features, it was hard for him to see where her nostrils had been, as dried blood had caked in clumps around her unrecognizable nose.

He kneeled at her side and touched the wire binding that strung her wrists and ankles together. The woman hadn’t been kind to them, not exactly, but hers was a fate undeserved. Hutch didn’t doubt a bag of coins would have opened her mouth freely to the comings and goings of A’ris and Hutch, and yet the level of torture the middle-aged woman endured wasn’t just unnecessary, it was brutal beyond reason. As if whoever committed the crime did so with the pure intent to kill, regardless of what information they extracted.

He smoothed the hair from her face and pulled a nearby throw off a wooden chair, draping it over her still body. She’d been bled dry, and though the entire room would forever show signs of her demise on the floors, walls and counters, he could at the very least give her soul respect by covering her violated body.

Someone out there was angry.

As Hutch took the stairs up to the room he’d shared with A’ris just days before, and found it cleaned out and empty, he could only hope that the dead man behind the Gear Maker’s shop was the man who had gone through the town, eliminating all who breathed. Either all signs of A’ris were being wiped clean, or any and all who crossed her path were struck dead simply for seeing her. Hutch knew A’ris was in trouble or soon would be.

The kind of trouble that drew blood in lethal amounts.

“A’ris, please be safe,” he whispered into the fresh sky.

His boots sank into the damp earth as he set off to the west with a pack of supplies he pillaged from [the inn’s] kitchen. Hutch didn’t even bother to change his muddy clothes, just slung a coat over his shoulder in case it should rain again. The bartender wouldn’t need it anymore. He, along with his patrons, had been shot dead.

Unsure if the hole in his heart was truly mended or would only heal once he set eyes upon the girl again, living and unharmed, he set out for the town of Calypso, determined to find what he had lost…

– Chapter 18 from The Dry Lands, a Hutch and A’ris novel

The Dry Lands Teaser

The first book of the Hutch and A’ris series is a bit of a cross-genre mash-up. Full of action, fantasy, science and adventure, budding romance, it has a little something for everyone. Suitable for teens with enough substance for older adults. Here’s a teaser for you…

“A’rissanda Brynx, you will not turn your back on me. No soul is allowed such an audacity in my presence – not even a noble member of the Roanarq’teve clan.”

Her flame-red hair billowed out around her shoulders as she spun on her heel to face the king. “Nothing about the Roanarq’teve clan is noble, Father.”

She could feel the spittle spray from her lips, but she didn’t dare wipe her mouth. Instead she allowed the smallest twitch of a satisfied smile as the man before her stood rigid and silent from shock. A foot taller than her, he displayed a gut at least five times as wide as her own, and wore enough gold and jewels hung about his stocky body to be laughable. His bird-like eyes were too dark to show emotion and his mouth was set in a constant state of disapproval. The old man was a selfish and austere king and an even harsher parent. She hated him with every fibrous nerve in her body.

He sucked in a quick breath before righting his face.

“You will not speak to me that way,” he hissed.

“Or what? You’ll toss me onto a Worker ship or take away my bathing privileges for a month? Unlike you, I don’t mind getting my hands dirty for the cause.”

The room fell silent. Those unlucky enough to be in court looked down at their feet, embarrassed to witness the verbal sparring. The king’s advisors backed away, as if weapons had been drawn and they were in the path of the imminent blood spray.

“You should learn to control that sharp tongue. Or have you forgotten who you are speaking to?”

With a step forward, one of his jeweled hands rose and pointed behind her. Two men in rounded helmets and chain-mail approached.

“You will be escorted to your quarters and summoned when I no longer feel like striking that rancid mouth of yours till it bleeds.”

As her upper arms were firmly secured by the guards and her body was turned toward the doors, she laughed over her shoulder, “The only thing rancid here is the king.”

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