Piper’s 4th Story Is Here

It’s Release day! If you’ve been waiting to find out what Piper’s been up to since her return to the Station in the third book, the wait is finally over. ‘Dying to Know’ will turn Piper’s world upside down and inside out, and you can be there for the entire ride. Aren’t you dying to know what’s in store for our favorite Station crew?

Dying to Know

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“What happens once you kill yourself?”

I write fiction about suicide, but suicide is real. This Tumblr post came across my Facebook timeline and it hurts to read it. But please do. It says it all.

Despite how we may feel, we are never alone in life, and never alone in death.


“Love isn’t meant to be easy, even after you die.”

“Love isn’t meant to be easy, even after you die.”

The Station Series, Book 4. Coming Soon.


“Don’t you dare let her open that door,” Hector warns Leif just above a whisper. “We’ll lose them both.” But Leif drops his head and steps aside, allowing me access to the door. Hector starts waving his hands around again. “Damn, man! What are you doing?”

Dying to KnowLeif, normally the calm and collected one, juts a finger out at Hector and raises his voice. “We’re doing the only thing we can, if you won’t help, go find something else to do.”

Hector begins to back away from us toward the door. “I can’t watch this. I won’t be here for this.”

With a dismissive wave, Leif grunts at Hector, “Go then. I’ve got this.”

When the door closes and Leif and I are alone, I begin to run through everything I know about the inner workings of the Station for a second time. How the connections are assigned, how they work. Why they work. It’s a maze, a tangle of rules and invisible wires, yet I have a feeling that I can fix this. That I really might be able to save this volunteer. I was able to bring someone from the beyond to the Ones portal with just a damn quarter, I can do this. When I put my hand on the door, it dawns on me that I don’t know the trapped girl’s name. She’s not here, so I can’t ‘feel’ her.

“Leif, what’s her name?” I whisper…

Piper, Dying to Know, book 4 of The Station series – Coming Soon



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A New Audio Book Release is Here

Dying to Return Audio

Piper Willow’s adventure in the afterlife continues as she struggles to discover who she is and what is expected of her. Faced with decisions that could change everything, she must weigh her desire to be with the ones she has come to love, or satisfy her curiosity and find out what lies beyond her world with someone new. What Piper experiences and the choices she makes could not only alter the delicate inner workings of the Station, but the delicate balance that Piper has managed to maintain inside herself. In the end, will it all be worth it?

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About the Narrator

Julia Farmer is a narrator and voice over artist in Chicago, IL, with an obsession for RPG video games and detective/espionage stories.  She’s also an experienced improv actor, having trained at Chicago’s famed Second City school and iO Theatre.  Outside of her narration work, you can hear her as the voice of Sarita in Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Season 2 video game.

About the Studio

Actors Audio is a division of Cerny/American Creative dedicated to producing audiobooks and audio drama. Actors Audio gives listeners a chance to hear quality books narrated by Chicago’s talented voice actors. They produced the award winning audio Bible “The Word of Promise” starring Jim Caviezel and Richard Dreyfuss, as  well as numerous “Twilight Zone” radio dramas.

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