Hutch & A’ris finally have their title!

I know, I know, I can’t keep referring to my current WIP as ‘Hutch & A’ris’ or ‘Untitled’ – that’s just annoying. I admit this one was tough – the story came to me before the name, which is backwards (per my usual) and now that I have surpassed the 30% mark for my word count goal, I really needed to give this thing a proper title.

I bounced ideas off of my peers and the hubby. I scribbled in my writer notebook till my fingers cramped. Many sounded awesome, but nothing really felt right. I kept coming back to a themed idea for the series and even though it might sound vague to those who’ve yet to read the story – I think it works perfectly for the content of this first book.

Anyway! No more babble, here it is – Book 1 of the Ernoth Chronicles will be titled: *cue dramatic movie music…dun-dun-dunnnn*

‘The Dry Lands’

Phew *releases deep breath* Now that it’s out there, I can relax a bit. Believe it or not, writing an untitled WIP has really stressed me out! I’m happy with the end result, though it’s far from what I was originally aiming for…but like I said…all will fit in due time. 😉 Now Hutch and A’ris can go on creating havoc and trying to save the world (or theirs at least) and not worry about such little things as the name of their own story. They were feeling a bit displaced there for a while, but I have faith they will return to their regularly scheduled antics with an abundance of enthusiasm now.

And FINALLY the Muse will stop cursing me out every time I open the former ‘Untitled WIP’ in Word. Hey, it’s the little things that make the Muse happy. Like copious amounts of chocolate and the random glass of wine. Neither of which, to my sudden horror, I have in the house at the moment. Excuse me as I lock the Muse up for the night, and hope she doesn’t invade my dreams with nightmares to get back at me for forgetting those two things on the grocery list. I mean, I did give her a new WIP title today. We should be good. For the next few hours, at least.


Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Muse Bite!