Dying to Remember is on sale!

The second book of The Station series is on sale for $0.99!

If you haven’t read it yet, now is a great time to start while the book is on sale!

On Sale Today!

On Sale Today!

Piper has new challenges to overcome, new names to learn and is faced with a new Station occupation. Did she make the right choice – choosing to stay at the Station and become a Volunteer? Does she really want answers to the questions that never leave her mind? How did the Station come to be? What lies beyond? Who is Andurush and what, exactly, does he want with Piper?

She must ask herself once again if she has what it takes…but this time it isn’t about saving lives, it is about discovering what lies beyond death.

Would you want to know?


Is it really Thursday?

Yeah, how did that happen? Also, if you haven’t been exactly paying attention to the calendar this month – June is almost over. O.O If you feel the sudden urge to freak out, it’s totally okay, I’m doing that myself.

This morning I was pondering this Throwback Thursday, and realized the first half of 2015 has been a quietly productive one. The 10th TMDBook was published, and the fourth audiobook was added to the collection. Woot! The first two books of the Find Me series are available for listening now, and Dying to Remember just came out!

portrait of a beautiful blonde on the beachPiper has new challenges to overcome, new names to learn, and she is faced with a new Station occupation. Does she really want answers to the questions that never leave her mind? How did the Station come to be? What lies beyond? Who is Andurush and what, exactly, does he want with Piper? She must ask herself, once again, if she has what it takes…but this time it isn’t about saving lives, it’s about discovering what lies beyond death. Would you want to know?

Station books 1 & 2 are available on Audible via Amazon

There’s writing to do today to make a dent on the 4th Station book, and I’m feeling nostalgic, so Spotify is rotating me through songs mostly older than my kids, which oddly doesn’t feel that long ago. Third Eye Blind, Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse, The Verve, The Kinks, Lou Reed, The Animals, Bush, Matchbox Twenty…I could get lost in the ‘oldies’ that feel like they came out just yesterday. As my daughter inches closer to teen-hood, I’m struggling to understand how the time got away from me. It’s natural, sure. But did Semi-Charmed Life really come out the year I graduated high school? DAYUM. I remember being 18 years old like it was, well, yesterday…


And there I am, snapped laughing (Or talking? I don’t know, but neither are all that flattering lol) with my long hair and thick eyebrows (props to Debbie Rogers for actually saving this picture and scaring the shit out of me with it by sending it to my phone a few months ago…). I don’t remember this particular day all that well, but I do remember that t-shirt: “QUIT staring at my shirt”. Ironic, considering I hated guys staring at my chest, so I wore a shirt that made them read words displayed across my chest. O.o I was SO angsty, right? *dripping sarcasm* I was a good kid. My Mom was ridiculously lucky. And after her upcoming birthday this year, my daughter is only six years away from being the age I was in the above picture. *cue Twilight Zone music…or Unwell*

I wish I’d been writing back then, that I had listened to Mr. Kirk in high school and ‘kept writing’. But I didn’t. I did kinda try, but I didn’t actually do. Not until 2011 when my daughter, who was 8 at the time, asked me what I always wanted to be when I grew up.

“A writer,” I answered.

“Well, then why aren’t you? You always tell me I can be what I want when I grow up, if I work hard,” she quipped back.

I looked at her, this perfectly innocent kid who didn’t know the first thing about writing a book, and smiled while telling her, “You know what, you’re right.”

Not a moment goes by that I don’t smile, remembering that day. Because honestly, she helped push me over the edge of ‘wanting’ and into the act of ‘doing’. Kids are fabulous at this, because for them, there’s no procrastinating. When you are 8, everything is so simple. Regardless of what you thought you would be doing today, if there’s something you missed, something you always wanted to be, as my daughter would say, “Well, then why aren’t you?”

HEY, June!

If you’re like me, you might be wondering how the heck June arrived today. I mean, obviously we know June comes after May ends, right? But wow…this month sort of snuck up on me. I thought I’d drop a post about what to expect this month from TMDBooks. And feel free to drop in a comment what’s on your agenda for the month!


portrait of a beautiful blonde on the beachThis month I’ll be working on finalizing the audio version of Dying to Remember, which will be read by the lovely Stephanie Bentley. I’m going to start listening to it today, actually. If all goes well with production, this might be ready for y’all before the end of the month! Kerry-Anne is also in audio production. AND I’m going through audition pieces to land the right narrator for Niles and Mallory. It’s going to be a VERY busy audio month. Which is great, right?


Yep, you read that correctly, folks! Piper is getting another book – and if my post-Vegas vacation haze can fade off by Wednesday, I should be starting the writing this week. Want to know what it’s going to be about?? Follow this page for snippets in the coming week. For now… I. Say. Nothing.


You’ve probably heard of BookBub by now. It’s one of the top leading promotion sites for authors to advertise their books when they go on sale – which means those who subscribe to the service get emails with free and discounted books. It’s pretty neat for the readers, I mean who doesn’t like a sale, right? Well, this month I’ll have an ad going out specifically for UK readers…so be on a lookout for those emails if you are in the UK territories!


9af8b5a4b309c53cf2965ba53360a382I’ll be 36 in less than a week. Which means I’ll have officially survived the first half of my 30’s. I’m one of those weird people that doesn’t mind getting older because every birthday means I haven’t died yet. Though I could do without the handful of wrinkles around my eyes and the extra pounds and that weirdly broken left pinky toe and that one little hair that grows under my chin that I have to pluck EVERY month. I don’t know what I’ll be doing – this past weekend was my little getaway – but it does make me reflect on how much my life has changed in the last few years. I became a published writer, which is astounding in itself, so I’ll have to write up something special on the Big Day to share with y’all.

Whatever awaits you in June, meet it with a smile and a dedication to make THIS month the best it can be. That’s really the only way to live. Plus, um, it’s SUMMER, and I think that makes most of us pretty damn happy.

Happy June, Everyone!

Release Date for ‘Mallory’

It’s official! MALLORY has a release date and it’s right around the corner!

Mark your calendar for this Friday, July 18th!


Station_Mallory_JPGFans of The Station Series will be happy to read the second Station novelette out this summer about the lovely Mallory Storm and how she came to arrive at the Station. Told from her perspective, readers get an insight into the inner workings of Mallory’s mind, and her early experiences in the Station after-life. Who was she before she died, and who is she now? The answers are waiting for you…

‘Mallory’ is the second of three Station Series novelettes to be released this summer!

Coming Soon – ‘Kerry-Anne’.


It’s almost time for a NEW RELEASE! If you’ve read the Station series, you are already familiar with Miss Piper Willow and her gang. Well, soon you’ll be able to learn a little more about her Mentor – Niles Abbott! He’s a reader favorite, there’s no denying that, and this Friday you can get your hands on HIS story…


NILEScover_4Next month you won’t want to miss Mallory’s story…and in August, Kerry-Anne’s! Each novelette can be read out of order, before or after The Station Series (however, knowing Piper’s story will make these novelettes much more powerful, that’s for sure).

So tell your friends – tell your family – NILES is Coming! Friday, 6-27!