Today’s Author Interview With The Lovely Miss Peggy Bird!

Meet Peggy:

I’ve always been a writer: stories when I was a kid, plays for my cousins to perform, terrible adolescent poetry. For the price of a few cigarettes, I ghosted love letters and “Dear John” letters for classmates in nursing school. During a checkered and wildly varying work life, I wrote speeches for politicians, brochures, fact sheets, press releases and newsletters for anyone who asked me to, and the occasional proposal and/or report for consulting clients. On vacations, I wrote memoir pieces, a number of which ended up being published in anthologies and magazines.

A couple years ago, I began writing fiction–although writing for a politician is considered by some to fall in that category. It all started with characters who obsessed me. I carried on conversations with them, listened to them talk to each other, figured out how they’d dress, what they’d drive. Then I wrote it down, which sounds easier than it is. The obsession has carried over to my computer–I’ve created Pinterest boards for each book and one board just for clothes and hairstyles.

So far, I’ve contracted with Crimson Romance for three books about characters linked together in the way most of Portland, Oregon is–by about two degrees of separation. The first book, “Beginning Again,” was released in June of this year. It began with Liz Fairchild, a character I’d created as a minor actor in another novel. Sorry to have to cut her out of most of the other book, during National Novel Writing Month last November, I decided to gave her thirty days to tell her story. Liz being who is, was more than happy to comply.

This fall, Liz and Collins, the hero and heroine of “Beginning Again,” will be joined by Sam and Amanda, the couple in “Loving Again.” Amanda shares with me a passion for working with glass. Except that she’s a far more talented artist than I am. She shows her work at The Fairchild Gallery in Northwest Portland. I doubt that Liz will ever ask me to show in her gallery but if I can stretch my skills enough, some of Amanda’s work may show up on my glass website this fall when the book is released.

The third book will be released next year and I’m working on numbers four and five. Stay tuned for details!


Thanks for joining us, Peggy! It seems you have always wanted to write…can you tell us more about your ‘Dear John’ letters you wrote for classmates when you were younger?

Sitting around our dorm one night, a friend was moaning about not being able to find the words to break up with the boyfriend she wanted to shed but not hurt. I suggested a sentence or two and she bribed me with a pack of cigarettes—I smoked in those days—to write the whole letter. When he didn’t come unglued after he got the letter, she told another friend about how good I was and I was off and running. It only lasted for about six months but it was fun. Maybe I should have figured out then that I was a romance writer.


Awww. I hope you saved copies of your ‘Dear John’ letters. 🙂 So, can you tell us more about your latest book?

“Loving Again” combines both my passions—art glass and writing. Amanda St. Claire, the heroine, is a glass artist and through her I get to be a better glass artist than I am and share some of my love for the art form. The hero, Sam Richardson, is a Portland police detective. He’s not exactly the stereotype of a cop— although he lives in jeans and cowboy boots, he has season tickets to the symphony and hangs out at art galleries, which is where he first meets Amanda. They become involved after she’s accused of murdering her boyfriend and Sam has to find the evidence to prove her innocence. Of course the course of any romance can’t be smooth, so I throw in a few curves—a jealous artist, another murder or two, someone from the past returning for revenge.


Loving Again sounds interesting! Where does the inspiration behind your writing come from?

In the course of the series I’m writing, Second Chances, I will have covered all the careers I’ve had— medical, political, artistic, literary—as well as many of the places I’ve lived or visited. So, I guess I have to say the inspiration has come from knowing people who find interesting enough to write about, doing things I’ve enjoyed doing in places I love.


What a great form on inspiration! Please, tell us about your main characters – are they people you would be friends with in real life?

That’s part of the fun I’ve had writing this series of books—creating people I would love to know in real life. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know hot cops, sexy sculptors and—in book #4—a Cuban-American coffee broker to die for.


O_o Sounds good to me! Why did you decide to begin writing fiction?

I’m not sure I decided to write fiction. One day about three years ago, a couple characters started rattling around in my head. I have no idea where they came from. But they arrived fully-grown, already named and ready to rock and roll, not to mention fall in love. No matter what I did to shake them loose so I could work on the outline of a non-fiction book a friend and I were talking about writing, they stubbornly stayed in my head. The only way to get them out was to put them in my computer. So I did.


If you had an entire week to read uninterrupted, which books would you pick up and why?

I have 27 unread books on my iPad, ranging from “A History of Wife” and “Thomas Jefferson’s Crème Brulee” to eight books by my fellow Crimson Romance authors. I would read as many of them as I could so I could buy some more the week after my indulgence.


LOL – nothing like having an endless supply of books! Tell us about your writing process, do you have a daily writing routine?

I haven’t always been this lucky but writing is now my day job. When I’m in the middle of either drafting or revising a book, I write every day for a big chunk of the day. Mostly, as soon as I get up, often while still in pjs. If it’s going well and I don’t have other commitments, I’ll write in the afternoon and evening, too. I’m a big believer that butt-in-the-seat and hands-on-the-keyboard are more important than waiting for a mythical muse who may or may not appear.


I agree! So, do you have any advice for budding writers?

Don’t listen to anyone around you or the editor in your head telling you to give up or give in. Writers write. Period. Just write.


What can we expect to see from you in the future and where can we find your work?

I’ll finish up the Second Chances series for Crimson Romance with #5 and #6 in the next three or four months and hope my editor likes them well enough to contract for them. Then I have an idea for a couple books that will require a bit of research on women’s history, specifically the early suffragists. They may be young adult books or they may be romances. I’m not sure yet. They will be fiction. Having discovered how much fun it is to create characters, I’m not about to give that up.


If you could have dinner with three people, living or dead, who would you choose and why?

Shakespeare, so I can find out if he wrote all that stuff. Amelia Earhart so I can find out what happened to her. Jimmy Hoffa as long as he can tell me where they buried him.


Excellent answers, Peggy! Now for our Rapid-Fire round!

Chocolate or Wine?—is chocolate wine a possibility? (YES!)

eReader or Paperback?—this week, eReader

Shower or Bath?—shower. Always.

Bra or No Bra?—bra, as long as it’s lacy

Beach or Pool?—I live in the Northwest. Beach is way too cold. Pool it is.

Shoes or Bare Feet?—Again, Northwest—cold and wet. Shoes, sadly.

Pink or Blue?—Red

Cats or Dogs?—definitely cats.


Thanks again for joining us today, Peggy! I look forward to picking up my copy of your book. 🙂 If you’d like to follow Peggy – check out her writer website and glass website or follow her on Facebook.


One spring evening, at an art gallery opening, Portland police detective Sam Richardson meets Amanda St. Claire, a talented, young glass artist. He’s immediately attracted to her. Trouble is, they’re introduced by Amanda’s boyfriend, restaurant and club owner Tom Webster.

Then, Webster is murdered and Amanda’s accused of killing him. Amanda and Sam grow closer as they try to clear her name. Strange things begin to happen. Another glass artist publicly accuses her of stealing his ideas. She’s stalked while out running errands. The sensor on the back door to her basement keeps going off, as if someone is trying to get into her house. Her studio is repeatedly broken into.

Then, two more people are killed and the evidence points, again, to Amanda as the killer. And this time, Sam’s life is threatened, too. On her own Amanda comes up with a plan to protect him. A plan that means she will have to shut him out of her life. But she can’t let anything happen to him, not after everything he did for her.

Even if it means losing the only man she’s ever loved.

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Once Upon A Twisted Time is HERE! :D

This is the official release day of Once Upon A Twisted Time, the first anthology from Moon Rose Publishing! A collection of dark adult fairytales, these stories will turn your idea of what a fairytale should be on its head! From Steampunk to Fantasy, there is something for everyone in this fantastic collection of four novellas. The novellas are based upon The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White, and Beauty and the Beast-see if you can work out which one is which! It is now available on the Moon Rose Publishing site, and from Amazon!



Think you know your fairytales? Think again. These aren’t your normal happily-ever-after. Within these pages, a murderous Little Mermaid gets her revenge, the Cinderella doesn’t really want to wear the slipper, Snow White is up to her eyes in industrial experiments, and the Beauty is in fact the Beast.

This collection of four novellas will surprise you, make you gasp in horror, sigh with relief, and sit on the edge of your seat. And most of all…they will make you rethink everything you think you know about dark fairytales…

Song of the Abyss

Princess Nerissa had envisioned a perfect wedding to a handsome prince. Instead, she fell into a nightmare. When her new husband tries to murder her just hours after pledging his life to her, she must flee towards the sea. Caught in transition from woman to selkie, she is trapped by the dark waters she hoped would be her salvation. Now her destiny becomes that of luring young men to their death…until one comes along that reignites the spark of love inside her. However to ensure her future, she must first face her past. Revenge must be taken…for both her life, and the life of the young man she now loves.

Miss Cavendish and the Spark of Salvation

In a city toiling under the iron fist of the Spiegel Syndicate and its monopoly on coal, Miss Georgina “George” Cavendish is on the brink of a breakthrough that could change the world forever. There’s just one thing standing in her way, her aunt – Xenobia Cavendish. Threatened by her efforts, the Syndicate procures the services of a notorious assassin with a past tied to her own, known as The Huntsman, to dispatch the brilliant scientist. But once he gets a glimpse of the headstrong beauty, will he be able to do the job, or will Georgina sway him to The Cause? And will George find the breakthrough she needs in time, or is New London Town doomed to forever lie under the dark shadow of her aunt’s factories?

Hawke and the Beast

Some curses last forever, and some can be broken with the whisper of three little words. Isabella Rose Woodward fell in love with a witch’s son over a century ago. Her punishment for breaking the young man’s heart was a beastly one. Every month she turns into a different creature, aging on the full moon when her curse allows for a brief return to her human form. Her only salvation is to find a man that will love her as she is…be it adorned in feathers, fur or scales. Has she found this love with the handsome Jasper Hawke? Or will a mysteriously determined Hunter find her first, and snuff out the life she so desperately seeks? A life of normalcy, where she loves and is loved in return… just as she is.

Reborn City

Nyx has one mission in life; bring down the brainwashing of New Omsk’s citizens, and release them from their mundane lives of toil. The year is 2355, and the world is a new place. A Governor is in charge of every city in the world, and humanity is attempting to rebuild itself after recovering from a war that nearly killed it. But this Governor has set his eyes on the intrepid little hacker, Nyx, and he will stop at nothing to get her. But perhaps he needs her more than he ever dreamed he would…as do his citizens.


Watch the Once Upon A Twisted Time Trailer NOW!

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Eternal Island Releases Wednesday!

It’s almost here! Kristie Haigwood’s next book – Eternal Island (With Ella Medler) will be released on Halloween! But first – a little about the Author:

Kristie Haigwood (a.k.a. K. S. Haigwood) is currently writing her 7th novel. She lives in Arkansas, US. She is the mother of 2 awesome kids and 2 great dogs. She is happily married to her soulmate who thinks reading is a solid waste of time. Opposites attract. Kristie’s works include Save My Soul and Forbidden Touch (both available on Amazon in ebook and print) Eternal Island, Eternal Immortality, Eternal Inception, Hell’s Gift and The Last Assignment. All coming very soon.

And now…Eternal Island…

A place where vampires rule, witches play, danger lurks and dreams really do come true. According to the crystal ball Ariana and Abe are destined to be together. The powerful attraction they feel confirms this, but others are determined to keep the two of them apart. With a seemingly endless supply of dead ends and obstacles in their way, will love be enough to bring them together and keep them safe? Will Ariana be able to discover and fulfill her ultimate responsibility? Or will an ancient evil destroy everything? How much would you sacrifice to save the one who owns your heart?

Eternal Island is a paranormal suspense novel, deeply rooted into myth. Vampires and magic form a unique backdrop to a love story with long reaching consequences. Human girl Ariana Lochalan finds herself transported from the relative calm of her ‘Nowhere, Arkansas’ life into a diametrically opposite existence when she discovers she is a powerful witch and meant to wed High Vampire of Eternal Island, Abe Cambridge. Despite first-sight magnetism, the two protagonists are being pushed apart, obstacles tripping them at every step, outside forces interfering and threatening their peace, and ultimately their lives. A world rich in magic and intrigue, Eternal Island is the first instalment of a saga which has love at its core and delves through the mire that is human nature in a turmoil of feeling and emotion. Would courage, resilience and love be enough to bring together two soul mates?

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