Pillows and Underwear

SO I’ve said it before…my books have all come from a combination of what I see, hear and dream about. Last night was no exception, though I woke up in a drowsy state of giggles, because what made its way into my dreams last night was lumpy pillows and old underwear.

Yep, pillows and underwear.

I can’t be the only one that forgets how cheap and easy it actually IS to buy a nice firm pillow or underwear with an intact elastic band, and I don’t know why those two items are the last things I actually do replace. I spend $10 a box on K-Cup coffee a week (for both myself and the hubby). That is at least one pair of my favorite underwear or a cheap pillow for side sleepers. If I eliminated chocolate from my diet for a month, I’d have enough money left over to grab a new pillow EVERY WEEK, not to mention a whole new undergarments wardrobe! Why do the basics get trumped over for coffee and chocolate?!

Last night I punched and squished my pillow for a full ten minutes before it was comfortable. Thankfully I did buy new underwear not too long ago, and I’ve started throwing out the old. Underwear is such an important part of everyone’s day, right? So why do we hold onto them for so long, until there is no resemblance of the original item left? Same goes with socks, by the way. If they aren’t devoured by the washing machine, or lost in the abyss of the one inch crack between the washer and the dryer, they end up under the bed or hidden behind a drawer. Lost. And yet we scramble in our house to find these socks (when we actually wear shoes) and the kids end up with blue paired with black, or pink stripes paired with purple polka-dots. Thankfully my son doesn’t know the difference and my daughter is a modern version of Punky Brewster anyway.

On the next payday I’ll grab us all new pillows and more underwear and socks (maybe you’ll do the same if this made you laugh). And it will feel like Christmas in June. But you know, minus the wrapping paper and bows.


Happy Shopping!