Wednesday Writing Tip – Be Your Own Boss, At Your Own Risk

Being a writer is one of the best jobs in the world. It’s my dream career, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. But there are pros and cons to being your own boss in the Indie-writing world, all which can make or break ya.

Here’s my Top 20 list of Pros and Cons of Being Your Own Boss. Enjoy it with coffee, if you’d like. Or vodka. I won’t judge.


  • No Supervisor (unless your editor is waiting for the manuscript)
  • No Commute (unless you write away from home often)
  • No formal work schedule, or clocking in and out
  • No penalties for being late or calling in sick
  • No uniforms required. Or washed hair. Or makeup. Or clothes at all, for that matter.
  • No formal degrees needed
  • Introverts welcome
  • Procrastinators welcome
  • Multi-tasking dragon trainers, unicorn riders and Middle Earth trail guides always needed
  • Ego inflation automatically included for all book awards won
  • Tax write-offs for travel. And coffee. And printer ink.
  • Knowledge gained in spelling, editing, formatting and marketing
  • Mastering of ‘Internet Research’. Followed by, Mastering of panic-mode ‘Clear Browsing History’
  • Constant practice in the Art of Humility
  • Expansive knowledge gained in caffeinated coffee and tea products. Also in chocolate. Or hard liquor.
  • Paying bills with writing income
  • Feeling accomplished and successful
  • Making friends within the writing community
  • Being stalked online by readers
  • Spending more time at home with family and pets.


  • No Supervisor (you’re on your own to figure everything out)
  • No Days Off (if not writing, you’re thinking about writing – 24/7)
  • No formal work schedule
  • No employee benefits (health insurance, dental insurance, office romance possibilities or water cooler gossip)
  • Showering may become so sporadic that the neighbors notice
  • Introverts welcome (being alone full-time does bad things to the mind)
  • Procrastinators welcome (an Achilles Heel for some writers)
  • Insomnia
  • Ego inflation can reach dangerously high levels. Friends might be lost. Family might move out. The dog might even run away.
  • Self-Employment tax
  • Knowledge gained on spelling, editing, formatting and marketing can create madness. And broken laptops due to constant head-banging.
  • Weight Gain. Also, Flat-Ass Syndrome
  • Bad reviews are guaranteed
  • Hearing at every social event for the rest of eternity, ‘You’re a writer? Have I read anything of yours?’
  • Addiction to any, or all of the following is expected: Social Media, checking email at least ten times a day, hard alcohol, chocolate, junk food in general, really comfortable pens, notebooks and Forensic Files
  • Constantly checking online for pirated work. And laptop sales.
  • Feeling accomplished and successful is almost always followed by moments of self-loathing and self-doubt
  • Meeting crazy people within the writing community
  • Being stalked online (or in person) by readers
  • Spending less time with family and pets because writing consumes everything

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Wednesday Writing Tip


Stumbled upon this via Pinterest – what a fabulous writing prompt/story plot!

Thanks, Writers Write, love this one.

Check out my Writing Love board on Pinterest for more fun writing tips!

Wednesday Plans…

I hope y’all will be around Wednesday for a follow up to the hilariously controversial and ridiculously popular How To Be A Jerk Reviewer blog post that knocked all other posts on this site from their little pedestals and quickly jumped its way to the Highest Viewed title on the blog – of all time. The Jerk Reviewer post (which I’ll of course be sharing again today and tomorrow as a refresher) was really meant to make fun of the reviewing industry and all the changes it’s gone through since the explosion of technology, mainly, in my case, self-publishing. But I’m glad y’all liked it, found it funny, related in some way, or choked on your coffee while reading it, then shared it with hundreds of writer friends on Facebook and Twitter so they could choke on their coffees, too.

I love Writer Tip Wednesdays even if I don’t throw up a tip weekly, because even though I’m currently working on my 11th book (totally bragging here and not counting my published short stories), I’ve still got a lot to learn about writing, publishing and this industry in general. I’m okay with that, because let’s face it, things will continue to change and those of us writers who don’t go with the ebb and flow will get lost in the process. I don’t want to be one of those people. Seriously. It’s a legitimate fear…being lost in the writing world. It can be a dark place if you’re on your own. *shudders*

Anyway. SO, how do I follow the Jerk Reviewer post with something equally as fun and entertaining? Um, talk about myself, of course, because I am totally okay with poking fun at my own writing. It’s harder for me to do that to others. Bad Karma and all. Wednesday I’m going to highlight some of my favorite negative reviews on MY books, and go into detail about what went wrong in those reviews. And I won’t lie, I’ll probably be wearing a straight-jacket by the end, because even though I don’t have a TON of critical or negative reviews, there’s more than a handful of them. I mean, there’s definitely enough for me to post about here. Generally I follow the ‘DO NOT READ’ policy for 1 star reviews. I’m going to break that rule just for y’all. There might be copious amounts of chocolate and wine consumption going on in the background this week from my end, just warning you. But it will be worth it because if you can’t laugh at yourself, you aren’t living hard enough.

See ya Wednesday!

Wednesday Writing Tip

This one is easy, and probably repetitive because it’s no secret I love my music. But, anyway, I really do think it’s cathartic during writing to have a place to pull inspiration from – be it a board on the wall full of pictures, diagrams, sticky notes, etc. or a song on your Spotify playlist that you can put on repeat till your scene is done. Like I’m doing today. *triple wink* Do not be afraid to utilize the creativity of the music world, photography, or nature to move you through your story.

Today’s first ‘song of the day’ for editing is Grouplove’s, Ways to Go. Can’t. Get. Enough. Happy Writing, friends!