Mallory’s Story!

Station_MalloryIt has started…Mallory’s novelette! WHO is excited?? 🙂


I snap out of my flashback and open my eyes as my body startles back to the present. I’m not the only one crying. In fact, I think we all are. I don’t turn around to see. August is no longer touching my shoulder, but the impression of him remains.

When he speaks, his voice is low and gentle. Emotional. “And now, we will take that moment, that hour before you died, and we will compare it to the first hour you were with your last charge. Keep your eyes closed…this will hurt a bit.”

– The Station, Mallory




Niles, meet Piper…

Niles, meet Piper…Piper, meet Niles.

It’s more of a sensation than actual visual confirmation that I’m aware my new charge has woken up. I glance down at the papers, just to be certain I’ve gotten her name correct before I call out to her.

“Piper Willow?”

And there she is. A young girl whirls around to face me, her face stricken with fear and confusion, rubbing at her arm and chewing her lower lip. She blinks at me and I nod calmly, hoping she doesn’t try bolting into the whiteness. It’s happened before. I don’t enjoy the runners – it means I must spend more time in this white glob of space. And I’d rather be back inside the confines of the Station, where I know the floor will safely hold me up.

I raise an eyebrow at her. “You are Piper Willow, yes?”

Her voice is quiet and forced, but there is a hint of something strong lingering behind her words. “Um…yeah.”

Phew. We would have had quite the problem had she answered no.

She tugs on her pajama top and glances down at my hand as I offer it to her. I always greet people the same way – with a friendly handshake.

“Piper, my name is Niles…Niles Abbott. And I need you to come with me please.”

– The Station, Niles (coming soon)