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HI READERS, Welcome!!! *waves enthusiastically*

If you haven’t read up on the Station books, now’s a great time to start! The first book, Dying to Forget, is free on all official platforms for your e-reading preference.


For those who have teens, or those who remember being a teen, this series is centered around second chances and redemption for those who have to face the modern day challenges of life.


Piper Willow is the Station series anti-heroine and she can’t wait to meet you. Happy Reading!

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It’s finally time!!! JUNE 30th is release day!

The 4th Station book is now available for pre-order!


In the fourth installment of the bestselling Station series, Piper Willow finds herself not only struggling to juggle her new responsibilities as a Mentor, but her love life as well. After the Station loses one of its own, Piper’s past returns, and she realizes that the happiness she seeks out for herself and her friends may come with a steep price. As her world changes and crashes down around her, Piper realizes that love isn’t meant to be easy in the afterlife, and that happiness can’t last forever…or can it?

Release Date – JUNE 30th

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Well, that just happened…sorry Stationers.

This is for the Stationers (Station fans)…mostly.

Alas, if you actually enjoy setting off bombs in your readers’ unsuspecting hearts, then I suppose this is for you writers out there, too.

Readers, if you, like me, didn’t think someone at the Station could die a second time, uh, well I’ve bad news. Today I realized while writing a scene…yes, yes they can. And it’s sad as hell, y’all. Because the Station is supposed to be safe. This was a surprise for all. O.O

Even when us writers think we have a story all figured out, and our characters are in line for the most part, the unexpected happens. Which is organic writing at its best. If you try and plan it all out, you’ll miss those unexpected moments that just might turn into gold. Like the little bombshell moment I had today.

As for spoilers – I’ll say only this: Things can go wrong at the Station. Horribly wrong.

Now I’ll retreat back into the WIP to clean up the mess I just unleashed in this little make-believe world, and leave you with one thought: What happens next?

Phew…not even the Writer knows.

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